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PlayStation 5 Revenue 90% Higher Than Xbox Series X/S Since Launch

The PlayStation 5 is still outselling the Xbox Series X/S consoles, with almost 90% higher revenue since launch.

It’s been an interesting few months since the launch of next-gen consoles. We’re almost at the 7 month anniversary of the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S release day, and it’s harder than ever to find the consoles in stock.

Despite this, sales for all three devices are still going strong, with retailers selling out the moment new devices are available. In the past, we’ve compared the sales of PS5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles to see which company is having the most success.

Our findings have been largely dominant in favor of Sony, with the PlayStation 5 massively outselling the Xbox Series X/S so far. Now, we have a range of new statistics to help us with our research into the next-gen sales.

PlayStation Xbox
(Source: Sony/Microsoft)

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PS5 vs Xbox Series X/S Sales – June 2021

Taking a look at new statistics from analytics site Finbold, we can see new details about PS5 and Xbox Series X/S sales.

According to new statistics provided by VGChartz, PS5 sales are now surpassing 8.64 million units. Xbox Series X/S sales, on the other hand, are now passing 5.12 million units sold.

This is actually big news for Microsoft as it seems the Xbox developer is catching up on overall sales since the last time we’ve seen figures release. This may well be due to the Xbox Series X/S stock shortage ending, as Microsoft claimed it would.

However, Sony is also assuring fans that the PS5 shortage is about to end, so the company’s numbers will soon be on the rise.

xbox series x ps5
(Source: Microsoft/Sony)

Cumulatively, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S sales account for the generation of an insane $5.93 billion in total revenue. We can only imagine how large this number would be if the devices were more readily available.

PS5 Revenue Compared to Xbox Series X/S

Right now, PlayStation 5 revenue is 89.42% higher than Xbox Series X/S earnings, Finbold reports. However, it’s important to understand where this figure comes from.

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This statistic is based on the average price of the PS5 being $449.99, as an average of the PS5 Disc and Digital Edition. The Xbox Series X/S average price is $399.99, by comparison, due to the cheaper Series S model dragging down the average cost of an Xbox device.

xbox ps5 controllers
(Source: Microsoft/Sony)

Of course, PS5s are still outselling Xbox by quite a way, but Microsoft has an incredible number of Xbox Game Pass subscribers right now too. With the company’s focus on dominating the PC market as well as keeping Xbox fans happy, console sales aren’t the priority right now.

PlayStation is also trying to get in on the PC game, however. In fact, one of the most popular PS4 titles is launching on Steam soon!

Judging by this huge Xbox and Bethesda E3 2021 leak, it won’t be long before demand for Xbox consoles skyrockets even further. And with Sony not attending E3 this year, the company will need to show something big soon to keep fans invested.

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Saturday 18th of September 2021

Yup and they are making more consoles and went into production sooner.


Tuesday 8th of June 2021

I love how PlayStation always spins this. It is a nonsensical stat. PlayStation is available in 40 more countries than Microsoft. You’re welcome.