PlayStation 5 Reveal Planned for June 4th, Claims Insider

PS5 Reveal

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With the PS5’s release date drawing near, demand for more information regarding the console has reached a fever pitch. Thanks to a recent report from Jeffrey Grubb, we now have an idea of when we’ll be learning more about the console’s launch.

In a post on video games forum ResetEra, Grubb claimed that Sony’s PS5 Reveal event is planned to take place on June 4. With this date occurring a week before E3’s intended schedule, we can infer that this was a very deliberate move on Sony’s part. In light of the event’s cancellation earlier this year, game companies have responded by moving their planned announcements onto digital platforms. Given Sony’s previous announcement that it had no plans on presenting at E3 regardless of the situation, this puts Sony at a unique advantage.

PS5 Reveal ResetEra

If Sony ends up sticking with its planned June 4 reveal, this bodes well for the PS5’s current timeline. Holding a reveal event around this time seemed to be their game plan from the start. Given that everyone’s stuck at home now, Sony is in great position to hold another reveal similar to last March’s announcement.

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PS5 Reveal: What We Can Expect

If we’re going by how Sony handled the PS4’s launch, this upcoming reveal is sure to be huge. With the PS4’s launch, Sony initially announced the console in an event that focused on the console’s hardware and software capabilities. Presented by none other than Mark Cerny, this event was a resounding success as it simultaneously drew developer and consumer interest. Noticing a pattern yet?

This event was then followed up by a massive reveal at E3, which detailed the PS4’s price, launch titles, and its design. It’s no coincidence that these three details are the main pieces of information we still do not have on the PS5. While June 4 seems like an eternity from now, we’re certain this reveal is going to be well worth it.

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