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PlayStation 5’s ‘Mystery Nut’ May Be Key To Expanding PS5 SSD

Last weekend, Japanese YouTubers finally got their first look at the PS5 console, including a selection of games like Demon’s Souls and Astro’s Playroom. But it also offered the first clue on how users could go about expanding the PS5’s SSD.

The YouTubers examined the PS5 console in detail. This gave us an opportunity to see it in real life for the first time. One thing many people had noticed on the console was an apparent mystery nut or bolt.

The mystery bolt is visible underneath the PS5’s shell, when examined closely. This could offer entry into the PS5’s inner components, although this has not been confirmed by Sony.

This would be one logical and safe way to remove the outer casing. An action that may need to be completed when expanding the PS5’s SSD or making any other adjustments.

Will Expanding The PS5's SSD Be Necessary?

As we’ve discussed previously, the PS5 may only have 625GB of storage space. Therefore, upgrading the SSD with expandable storage options may be something lots of users will want to take advantage of.

After having the download size of various PS5 games broken down into percentages, we can see that some games take up a high amount of SSD space. Expanding the PS5’s SSD storage may be the only way to combat this issue.

PS5 mysterious bolt

Although this is just a theory at this stage. The mystery nut (as we’re going to continue to call it) could be used for a whole host of other reasons.

But at this stage we think this is one of the most likely reasons for its existence. There doesn’t seem to be any other spot on the console where this action could be completed.

It’s also been suggested that the PS5’s outer casing may be removable and replaced by a variety of other custom designs. But this too is unconfirmed by Sony at this stage.


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