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PlayStation 5 Becomes the Fastest-Selling Console in US History

It looks like the PlayStation 5 is still breaking records, becoming the fastest-selling console in US history in terms of dollar sales.

After 4 months of stock issues, the PlayStation 5 is still drawing heavy sales. In fact, as we look back at February 2021, new statistics reveal that the PS5 is actually the fastest-selling console, when it comes to dollar sales.

It should come as no surprise that the PlayStation 5 is a tremendous success for Sony. After all, people are still struggling to find the console in stock anywhere in the world.

PlayStation 5
(Source: Sony)

However, if you’re still looking, there’s a new major PS5 restock coming later today!

Is the PS5 Winning the Console War?

When it comes to the console wars, the PlayStation 5 becoming the fastest-selling console in US history is certainly a major blow to other hardware.

However, it should be noted that this statistic is based on dollar sales rather than units sold.

In fact, the PS5 was actually the second best-selling hardware in February 2021, according to market research firm NPD Group. The Sony console lost the top spot to the Nintendo Switch, which is now in its 27th consecutive month in first place.

playstation 5 fastest-selling console
(Source: Sony)

We’re almost certain that the PS5 would beat out the competition, should it have enough stock to do so. After all, demand for the PlayStation 5 is still incredibly high worldwide.

But despite this, these analysts believed that the Xbox Series X would sell twice as much as the PS5

As further evidence of demand, the PS5 DualSense Wireless Controller is leading the accessory sales for both February and the year-to-date.

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Consumer spending is also up this year overall. In fact, the new figure of $4.6 billion is 35% higher than what was recorded in February 2020.

Now, scalpers are being forced to lower their PS5 prices, thanks to new waves of incoming stock. Hopefully, that’s a sign that more people are getting their hands on the next-gen device.

In case you missed it, we put together the ultimate guide to buying a PS5 from Walmart that all-but guarantees you the console.

And despite the new Xbox buyout, it looks like two Bethesda games will be remaining PS5 exclusives in the future!

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