PlayStation 5 DualSense Render Gives 3D View of Controller and PS5 Console Concept

PS5 DualSense Render
Credit: YouTube user 'Giuseppe Spinelli'

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Giuseppe Spinelli, also known as Snoreyn, recently posted a video featuring 3D renders of both the DualSense and PS5. Needless to say, the concept looks stunning. Here’s what we thought about the design and its implications on what features we may be seeing on Sony’s next-generation console.

On The Bleeding Edge of Industrial Design

What can we say? This looks stunning. Snoreyn really outdid themselves with this design. If the PS5 ends up looking even remotely like this, we’re certain this design will hold up well into this strange new decade.

One thing we appreciated about Snoryn’s video was his inclusion of several color schemes for the DualSense. We’re hoping the DualSense will indeed come in a variety of colors at launch. We’ve got our eyes peeled for for that crimson red DualSense especially.

Another thing we really like about this design is its subtlety. With its matte finish and unassuming edges, this design would look great in any living room. Regardless of its subdued look, this design still has some of Sony’s signature elegance and flair. For one, the blue accent lights along the edges of the console pushes its design language firmly into the future. It also adds much-needed flavor to the PlayStation’s classic black-on-black look.

While the PlayStation logo seems like it’s just an embossed finish, the last frame of video shows how it’d look if it lit up. It’s definitely a very striking image and we’d love to see it in reality. Gaming in the dark with just the subtle blue accent lights and the PlayStation logo lit up in the corner would give any gaming session a somewhat cinematic quality.

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However, as great as this design looks, we couldn’t help but notice one flaw in this concept. As the video suggests, you’d only be able to use the console in a vertical orientation. Even the PlayStation 2 gave you options, as seen in its rotating logo.

Potential PS5 DualSense Features

One thing we really liked about the video was how it also functioned as a bit of a recap on the things we know about the PS5 and DualSense so far.

One such feature that the video placed an emphasis on is the DualSense’s inclusion of a headphone jack. As confirmed on the official PlayStation blog, the upcoming controller is set to feature a headphone jack. This and the controller’s built-in microphone are designed to make communication between users easier and more intuitive.

Another thing we sadly had to note in the video is the design’s inclusion of an disc drive. While these drives are all but gone from modern computer systems, it’d be good to see them still supported on consoles. We’d personally keep buying physical copies of our games despite the growing ubiquity of digital-only game distribution.

We also hope we’ll be getting at least three USB 3.0 slots in the console, as the design suggests. With Snoreyn’s inclusion of an AUX port on the back, previously only used for the PS4’s camera, this essentially gives us an extra port to work with. For instance, it would be great to see this port replaced with at least one Thunderbolt 3 grade USB-C port. A high-speed port such as this would be amazing for VR and other applications requiring high data transfer speeds.

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Written by Jerome Exmundo

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