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PlayStation 5 Accessories Are Releasing Before the Console

Despite the PS5 not launching until November, some retailers appear to be releasing the console’s accessories early.

The PlayStation 5 might not launch for another few weeks, but it seems that its accessories are coming far sooner. In fact, those who want to get their hands on some extra PS5 goodies can do so this very month.

According to a number of retailers, PS5 accessories will be releasing on October 30. This would make the accessories precede the actual PlayStation 5 release date by almost two weeks.

Which PS5 Accessories Are Releasing Early?

Looking at the official PlayStation website, we can see several PS5 accessories that claim to be launching this month. These include the DualSense controller, which gamers are itching to get their hands on.

Also releasing on October 30, we can see the PlayStation 5’s HD Camera. This is joined by the Pulse 3D Wireless Headset, Dualsense Charging Station, and the PS5 Media Remote.

DualSense Controller
(Source: PlayStation)

Retailers such as Target, Best Buy, and GameStop are adjusting their release dates to match this new early launch. Other major retailers such as Walmart, Sams Club, and more all appear to be honoring the original November 12 release date.

All these goodies will be coming to these stores early, despite initial reports suggesting that the hardware would arrive with the console. Users on Twitter are also reporting their pre-order dates are changing to match this new information.

Given that PlayStation is officially promoting the early release date, it appears that the accessories really are coming prior to the PS5 launch. It’s an unusual move, but perhaps it allows retailers to focus more on the console’s launch once it finally arrives.

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Of course, there’s no real reason to have a PS5 controller with no console to play it on. Although, players can get a feel for the device by connecting it to their PC in the meantime.

In fact, the gaming headset will also be usable with the PlayStation 4. The rest of the releases are relatively pointless right now, though.

We previously reported that some PS5 games might release earlier than the console, but it seems that games aren’t all that’s coming early.

Should these new release dates prove to be true, we’ll have to update our complete next-gen timeline, containing all PS5, Xbox Series X/S release dates, games & more.

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