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Players Think Slow Movement is Killing Warzone 2

Players are reaching their boiling point with the movement in Warzone 2.

Warzone 2 can’t find its stride with the community, and many players believe one of the biggest factors is the slow movement.

Movement in Call of Duty is always an interesting conversation because it has changed so much throughout the franchise.

But the conversation around this topic has started to heat up while the player base steadily declines.

Players & Content Creators Believe Slow Movement Is Hurting Warzone 2

Warzone 2 players think that the slow movement in Warzone 2 is actually hurting the battle royale and is one of the reasons why the community isn’t enjoying it.

Recently, many players have begun to discuss how different the movement was in past games compared to Warzone 2.

The discussion started because JGod showcased just how different the strafe speed was back in Modern Warfare 3 (2011) compared to MW2 (2022).

The video served as solid proof Modern Warfare 3 is more fluid and fast, while MW2 seems to be a bit choppy and lag behind.

For some players, movement is one of the main skill identifiers in the series. The ability to use your speed and surroundings to defeat an opponent in a gunfight is something many players take seriously.

Other players also weighed in and said that even Warzone during the MW2019 era was a step above in movement.

A vocal part of the community seems unhappy with the direction Warzone 2 is taking. With every passing day, they are starting to give up hope after each update leaves the game feeling worse.

This isn’t a new issue, either. Many members of the community have constantly reached out to Infinity Ward, asking the developers to do something about the movement in Warzone 2.

Despite that, some players don’t fondly remember MW 2019 and Warzone 1’s movement. Although, that is just a fraction of the community.

In the Reddit post below, the conversation starts with a player saying movement in MW 2019 wasn’t as well received as many remember it.

But many players were quick to comment that the movement was fine and that the only complaint was the wide use of slide canceling to win gunfights.

At the end of the day, movement is a huge part of the Warzone 2 formula. If the community isn’t happy, it explains why the player count is constantly declining.

Players are still worried even with the reintroduction of One Shot Snipers to the battle royale. Some even pointed out that One Shot Snipers might prove to be a nuisance due to the slow movement in Warzone 2.

It’s still early in its lifespan for the battle royale, so players shouldn’t lose hope. Warzone 1 had a total of 17 different seasons. Warzone 2 Season 3 just started.

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