Warzone fans are debating whether or not those players who leave Squad Fill games of the Battle Royale early should be punished for it.

In Call of Duty Warzone, those without an online friend to group up with will often use the game’s Squad Fill feature to be placed with a random player.

This allows users who don’t fancy a solo game to drop in with a group, but it’s not without its downsides.

We’re sure that more than a few players are familiar with their Squad Fill teammate dropping alone, dying immediately, and quickly leaving the game. But should they receive punishment for their actions?

Fans Argue Over Early Leaver Penalty

It seems that Warzone players are split on whether or not users should be penalized for leaving games before their whole squad is wiped out.

In a post to the Warzone subreddit, user Magnyto pitched the idea of Squad Fill players getting punished for leaving a game before it’s done.

Gulag in Warzone

This suggestion came after a long gaming session filled with teammates who were over-eager to quit early:

“In almost every attempt over the last 4 hours, [Squad Fill teammates] would abandon me in the match—not because we lost, but even before reaching the gulag, assuming I (or we) would lose,” the user writes.

On multiple occasions, the player reportedly couldn’t even equip their Reinforcement Flare fast enough to respawn their dead allies before they rage quit.

Giving quitters a penalty, such as a time out from matchmaking, could discourage this type of behavior. However, not all players agree with the idea of such a punishment.

The Pros

The most obvious benefit of timing out early leavers is that it would make users think twice about abandoning their game just because they died.

Thanks to Warzone’s Buy Back mechanics, alongside Jailbreak public events and Reinforcement Flares, you never know when you’ll be able to rejoin the game.

a warning showing Jailbreak Imminent in Warzone 2

Therefore, leaving early might have prevented you from nabbing an unexpected win.

Punishing leavers would also benefit those players who enjoy Squad Fills as intended. The fewer players that rage quit, the more teams can have a fun, fair experience without a leaver ruining their chances of winning.

byu/Magnyto from discussion

The Cons

On the other hand, as user Broad_Positive1790 points out, penalizing quitters is just going to push them away from Warzone.

And that will surely have an impact on queue times, as well as being something that Activision will strive to avoid.

“Imagine you time them out for 30 mins. Nobody is going to set a timer and come back in 30. That person is done for the day…”

Other users suggest that, should such a punishment be implemented, it should be limited only to Ranked modes. After all, Call of Duty is a casual game for a lot of fans, and there are many reasons why you may need to leave a game early, particularly one as long as a Warzone match.

byu/Magnyto from discussion

In addition, Activision’s shooter isn’t always the most stable of games. Should someone whose game crashed really face punishment for that incident?

Players are on both sides of the fence when it comes to punishing early leavers in Warzone. Perhaps then, the solution isn’t penalizing those who leave but rewarding those who consistently stick around.

Much like DMZ’s bonus for extracting successfully, players could receive in-game rewards for regularly finishing games of Squad Fill without leaving.

Since this has been an issue since Warzone 1, we don’t see Activision making any changes to Squad Fill anytime soon. But it’s clear that this is an issue that’s still getting on the nerves of the fans.

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