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Players Fume at PlayStation After Being Suddenly Kicked and Signed Out

PlayStation players are upset over a new legal agreement that automatically kicked them out of their online games without warning.

These new Terms of Service updates went live abruptly and ended the online games of many players. This caused many players to use social media to voice their frustrations with PlayStation.

Some online games feature ranked or competitive playlists into which players invest much of their time. Players usually need to perform well and win matches to advance through the different ranks of these competitive games.

But a loss can negatively affect their rank and sometimes even lower them to a different rank. Usually, disconnection is the same as losing a match. Since the game assumes the player disconnected due to an imminent loss.

This means players that played Apex Legends Ranked, Overwatch 2 Ranked, Rainbow Six Siege, and even FIFA 23 suffered considerable losses due to this abrupt disconnect.

Some even missed out on in-game rewards due to the nature of the disconnections. FutWorkShop also disconnected during a FUT Draft which requires coins or FIFA Points to enter.

Usually, this wouldn’t upset many people, but it came without warning and caused people to lose out on some matches. It simply signed players out. Players believed their system had crashed but saw their system led them to a new ToS Agreement.

Others had issues signing back into their account due to a bug with agreeing to the new legal terms. Thankfully, players have already found a fix for this issue.

This seems to have only affected players in the UK due to a slight change in the PSN Legal Documents. These new changes have made it clear that players under 7 years old are prohibited from using PSN.

Any player that violates these terms may see their account suspended.

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