Call of Duty just released a new map for Warzone players with Fortress Resurgence, but the community has already begun to comment on how frustrated they feel with the new addition.

Fortress Resurgence isn’t a new map in itself, but it’s actually a condensed part of Al Mazrah Warzone map. Players that frequent the southern part of Al Mazrah are likely already plenty familiar with Al Bagra Fortress, the location of Fortress Resurgence.

However, players are feeling frustrated because, despite Warzone Fortress Resurgence using a known map, they felt that Call of Duty would optimize it for the Resurgence mode.

Players Unhappy With Fortress Resurgence in Warzone

Players are frustrated with the new Warzone Fortress Resurgence map because they feel that the player count is too low and the map itself was not properly optimized for the Resurgence playstyle.

Warzone intended to add Fortress Resurgence in order to give players a new way to play and compete. However, players feel that it feels like a “lazy” attempt at adding new content to Warzone.

Here are some of the main reasons players are unhappy with Fortress Resurgence, according to various posts:

  • Low player count. Resurgence mode feels less exciting because of how quickly the player count drops under 15 in this mode. Some players are hoping to see an increase in player count soon.
  • Part of the circle seems to always end up in the water, which affects where players can fight.
  • No real changes to the map when compared to its version in Al Mazrah.
  • The map for Fortress Resurgence still brings up all of Al Mazrah.
  • Players feel that it was only made to add content to Warzone without any real thoughts behind its addition.

It’s unfortunate because players were looking forward to seeing how different Al Bagra Fortress would feel as its own map and not just a POI. They assumed that since it was a completely new map, it would focus on just the island where the fortress was.

However, it functions more like the LTM TDM mode Warzone had that would separate a small part of the map for players to fight on.

Call of Duty still has plenty of time to implement changes to help change opinions of Fortress Resurgence.