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COD Vanguard Players Are Complaining About Terrible Spawns

Vanguard players have reported some awkward spawning patterns. They spawn in front of the enemies, or in the same spot multiple times.

Vanguard has had several hits and misses. It has some seemingly long weapon camo challenges and some insanely overpowered shotguns. But nonetheless, COD Vanguard has transported us back to WWII.

The Reddit threads regarding awkward Vanguard spawns seem to be getting longer. A lot of fans have observed that they appear smack in front of their enemies while spawning. They spawn and respawn in the same spot multiple times.

For Call of Duty fans, the spawn nightmare might not be new. Initially, a lot of COD titles face some issues with spawning players in tight spots. Looks like Vanguard might be facing the same problem.

Players Have Issues with Frustrating Vanguard Spawns

A lot of Vanguard players have complained of nasty spawn locations. They seem to be spawning right in front of an enemy repeatedly and getting ambushed.

Das Haus in Vanguard

Some other players think that the spawn is straight-up broken and might get better with time.

A few smart enemies sneak into your spawn location and shoot you as soon as you spawn. Of course, you will get ambushed even before you realize where you are.

vanguard spawns

Other players have associated the frustrating spawns with smaller maps. According to these players, smaller maps like Nuketown, Dome, and Shipment are meant to be chaotic. So there’s nothing wrong with the awkward spawns.

A group of Vanguard players has argued that the spawn issue happens in the bigger maps as well. Regardless of the map, you might like to max out your weapons faster with this XP guide.

The spawn situation seems to be bad especially in tinier maps like Das Haus, Dome, and their equally small counterparts. You can wreak some havoc in Das Haus with this high damage Combat Shotgun loadout.

vanguard spawns

One of the Reddit users pointed out that the spawn situation was better than other COD launches. With time, these awkward spawns are likely to get better.

In case you missed it, Vanguard may get Captain America and Indiana Jones skins soon!

And on top of that, there’s an Attack on Titan event coming to Vanguard in the near future!

Until then, you can check out how to add friends with Activision ID. Assemble your squad before you venture into those multiplayer maps.

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