A new trailer sheds more light on what’s coming to MW3 Season 2, but some Zombies players are upset at the lack of content shown so far for the popular MWZ mode.

It’s especially disappointing for fans of Zombies, as the Season 2 update focuses on fighting hordes of the undead.

However, there is still no word on what is coming to Zombies in Season 2. Fans feel a little left in the dark.

Fans Confused At Lack of Zombies Content in Season 2

MW3 players are upset and a little perplexed at the lack of any mention of any new Zombies content before Season 2 releases next week.

Modern Warfare 3 Season 2 is set to drop on Wednesday, February 7, 2024, and is set to bring with it three new 6v6 maps, a new zombie-infused Hordepoint limited-time mode, and a crossover with The Walking Dead.

Here’s the official trailer for MW3 Season 2:

With all that content focused on the undead, one would think that Treyarch would have something cooking for its popular MWZ mode that is literally all about zombies.

Many fans seem to agree:

As Reddit user YourBoyLoops astutely points out, the in-game splash page mentions that zombies “have infiltrated every inch of the new season”, except the zombies game mode itself. This is according to what Treyarch and Sledgehammer Games have revealed so far.

SOICEY69 agrees and is eager to see mention of more Zombies content in Season 2. They say they will be “kinda bummed” if Treyarch doesn’t at least “do a trailer or update for zombies”.

MW3 Zombies Are Coming to Multiplayer in Hordepoint Mode

After Season 1 Reloaded’s terrible launch, Mattie_1S1K is less hopeful that Treyarch and Sledgehammer Games would even be able to pull a decent update in Zombies:

Other players feel as though more content is more than likely, especially with The Walking Dead crossover confirmed to release at some point in Season 2.

Besides, no other mode makes more thematic sense for the new Michonne and Rick Grimes Operator skins coming with Season 2!

Rick Grimes Skin Coming to MW3 Season 2 in The Walking Dead Crossover

Will There Be Zombies Content in Season 2?

Yes, more content will certainly be coming to Zombies in MW3 Season 2. This is because Zombies has received significant content drops for every major update so far. There’s no reason to believe MW3 Season 2 will be any different.

Treyarch will likely announce it as we approach the launch of the update on Wednesday, February 7, 2024.

Fans online are hopeful that something is in the works, especially considering that The Walking Dead collab is just around the corner:

As well as developers teasing more Zombies content online, there has also been an assortment of leaks that may reveal what’s coming to the popular MWZ mode in Season 2.

Here’s a list of some of the speculated content that’s coming to Zombies:

  • Exfil Streaks
  • Blood Burner Schematic
  • V-R11 Schematic
  • New Story Mission
  • Keres or Rainmaker Warlord

Additionally, leakers have also revealed that a new PvPvE mode will be coming to MWZ and will possibly drop at some point in MW3 Season 2.

What’s more, there was a reference to the popular Fortune’s Keep Warzone map in the recent teaser for MW3’s The Walking Dead crossover. It suggests that Fortune’s Keep may be coming as a new map in Zombies in Season 2!

MW3 Rick Grimes Investigates Mysterious Zombies Nests in Fortunes Keep

So it seems there’ll be plenty of Zombies content in Season 2 after all!

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