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Players’ Biggest Frustrations With MW2 Multiplayer Heading Into Season 2

With MW2 Season 2 releasing in a few weeks, many players have taken to social media to voice their frustrations with the current state of multiplayer.

These MW2 frustrations stem from the lack of map variety, inconsistent spawns, clunky user interface, and lack of barracks among other things.

Some of the complaints that players have include:

  • There is not enough map variety.
    • Players believe the current map pool is full of frustrating and dull maps. Many players opt to play the Shoot House or Shipment playlists to avoid the rest.
    • The lack of Map Voting is something that also frustrates players. It’s a quality-of-life improvement many would like to see since there are notable maps that many players like to avoid.
    • Check out the Reddit post here to see a breakdown of the current lack of content, including maps, compared to other Call of Duty games.
  • Spawns seem broken in MW2.
    • This has been an issue in past Call of Duty games, but it seems extraneous in this Call of Duty.
    • Many players have reported spawning in the sights of enemy players.
  • The User Interface is clunky and hard to navigate.
    • MW2 went with a redesigned block-style user interface resembling some popular video streaming services.

These are just a few frustrations players have been having with MW2. Many have been present since the release of Modern Warfare 2.

Although Infinity Ward has hinted at some big changes coming in Season 2. Most notably, some recent leaks have revealed that Gun Game and Gunfight may soon find their way back to MW2.

This could hint at new maps dedicated to a 2v2 format and Gun Game. Another new mode being introduced to MW2 in Season 2 is Ranked Play.

All of these changes could also mean that Infinity Ward is ready to implement more changes that could benefit players’ overall quality of life.

Infinity Ward has already shown that they are willing to listen to players and implement changes based on their feedback. Originally, Warzone 2 launched without loadout drop markers in Buy Stations.

This change lead players to use a more diverse set of weapons. The community wasn’t fond of it, so they added loadout drop markers to give players easier access to their loadout.

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