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Players Believe Warzone Verdansk Revival Could Outperform Warzone 2

Many Call of Duty players believe that if Infinity Ward were to revive Verdansk in Warzone Caldera, it would outperform the current Warzone 2 player count.

Warzone 2 hasn’t had as smooth a launch as many had envisioned. Steam Charts show that on November 19, 2022, Warzone 2 had a peak player count of 488,897. Two months later, on January 17, 2023, Warzone 2 peaked at 105,354.

These numbers do not include console or players. That is a significant drop in its player count and one many have noticed.

Because of this, many players believe that if Infinity Ward were to bring back Verdansk to the original Warzone, its player count would quickly outperform Warzone 2.

Verdansk was the original Warzone map that successfully launched the battle royale. Many top content creators consistently played the game, and it reached incredible success on Twitch.

Unfortunately, Infinity Ward replaced Verdansk with Caldera, and players never warmed up to it as much. The original Warzone is now called Warzone Caldera and only features one map, Caldera.

Now, Warzone Verdansk only exists in Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile. If Verdansk was brought back to Warzone Caldera or as a map in Warzone 2, it could cause quite an impact.

Other players think Warzone 2 should implement some changes that aligned it more closely to the fast-paced playstyle of the original Warzone.

This includes changes like:

  • The ability to add plates while sprinting.
  • Adding reload canceling.
  • Allowing players to few their lifetime stats.
  • Some form of ranked mode in Warzone 2.
  • Reworking the new loot system to resemble Warzone Legacy a bit more.

Although, not all players think change is needed. Some players enjoy Warzone 2 and the changes that it has implemented.

Maybe the best option is to bring Verdnask back to Warzone Caldera. Although, this means that they’d likely need to change their name.

How Warzone 1 Differs From Warzone 2

Here are some of the major differences between Warzone 1, now known as Warzone Caldera, and Warzone 2:

  • Warzone 2 features AI enemies in Al Mazrah, known as AQ Soldiers. Along with these soldiers, Warzone 2 also contains Strongholds and Black Sites as in-game events.
  • The Gulag in Warzone 2 is a 2v2 battle featuring a way for all four players to escape. The original Warzone was a 1v1 battle.
  • The looting system in Warzone 2 is entirely different from that in Warzone Caldera. It features a backpack system that has been a controversial talking point between players.
  • In the original Warzone, players could apply for 3 armor plates at any time and could do so while sprinting. In Warzone 2, players need to find Armor Vests to increase the amount of armor they can wear, and they can not sprint and armor simultaneously.
  • Loadouts also function slightly differently. Although Call of Duty has made a few changes in Warzone 2 that have made it similar to Warzone Caldera.
  • The movement was faster in the original Warzone due to reload canceling and slide canceling.

These are a few of the largest differences and why some players actually prefer the original Warzone’s gameplay over Warzone 2.

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