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Players Are Having Less Fun in Warzone Season 6

Call of Duty: Warzone Season 6 is a relatively disappointing mess, and players report that they’re having less fun with the game.

There’s no denying that this season of Warzone has felt a little lackluster. From endless game-breaking bugs to the increasing number of hackers, things aren’t going smoothly.

We’ve had performance issues, server crashes, and what feels like a heavy dose of SBMM. All of this combines into one big mess of a season, and players aren’t happy with it.

Modern Warfare and Warzone Season 6 Farah Operator
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According to a new post on Reddit, Warzone fans are simply having less fun in Season 6. There’s something different about the battle royale now, and a lot of people are noticing it.

Warzone Season 6 – Just Less Fun?

The Warzone subreddit is a forum where players come together to share highlights, speculate about upcoming content, and complain about issues. This last point has become increasingly prevalent in recent weeks, ever since Season 6 began.

Now, a new post by WILSON_CK sparks discussion about Season 6 not living up to expectations. In a post titled: “Anyone else having less fun this season?”, the user details his thoughts on the game.

Call of Duty Warzone Skydiving into Verdansk
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The Warzone player begins by stating that the season has felt “horrible” so far. They even indicate that it’s like playing a different game altogether.

The user describes themselves as an average player, who has obtained 13 solo wins in the past. Now though, they’ve been struggling to get anywhere in Warzone.

“Normally if I log on for a 2 hour game session, I’ll leave with a few fun high-kill games and a couple of final circles that leave me feeling like I had a good chance of winning. Since this season started I’m lucky to make it out of circle 3…”

Some users, including WILSON_CK himself, indicate that perhaps SBMM is to blame for the increasing difficulty. Skill-Based Matchmaking has become such a large boogeyman in the Call of Duty community, that reverse boosting is becoming far more common.

What’s Wrong With Warzone Season 6?

Other users took the time to chime in with their thoughts on the season as a whole. One commenter, Highrevz, listed a range of major issues with the battle royale right now.

Firstly, Warzone players are complaining about terrible PC performance in Season 6. The game has seen a noticeable decline on the platform, and it seems to have come out of nowhere.

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What’s more, bugs are running rampant in the game, and issues like the infinite Stim exploit completely ruined the game for several days. Besides that, we’ve got forced crossplay, increasing hacker numbers, and lackluster content.

Even fan-favorite Bounty contracts have been removed, following a game-breaking bug. Warzone players are calling for Bounty contracts to return, but it seems that a fix is yet to be found.

All in all, it’s clear that Warzone is having a bad time at present. Unfortunately, Black Ops Cold War’s Beta isn’t going much better.

Right now, players are looking for their fix of good Call of Duty content but it doesn’t appear to be found anywhere. Hopefully, Infinity Ward will up its game in the coming weeks.

After all, it’s not too much longer until Warzone Season 7’s start date.

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