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Players Are Already Using Aimbots and Wallhacks in Black Ops Cold War Beta

Despite it being a Beta, some Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War players are already using aimbots and wallhacks.

As we head into the PC Beta for Black Ops Cold War, fans are already reporting users for cheating. Only hours after the Beta came to PC, players are being seen using aimbots and wallhacks.

In several posts on the Black Ops Cold War subreddit, users share clips of enemy players that are blatantly cheating. It seems that Treyarch has no real anti-cheat present in the Beta so far.

Given that it’s usually far easier to hack on PC than it is on consoles, it’s only natural that we’d start seeing cheaters appear now. With the ability to see players through walls and lock right onto their heads, there’s no way to fight against hackers.

Black Ops Cold War Has Wallhack and Aimbot Problem

A post by user 1mP3N shows an enemy player at the top of the leaderboards after cheating their way through a match. The footage shows the user whose username is a jumble of random numbers, using hacking software.

Appearing on the Best Play post-match footage, the player snaps to enemies with impossible reactions. What’s more, they seem to know exactly where to find other enemies, with the ability to see through walls.

Unfortunately, this isn’t even the only case of hacking posted in the last few hours. User Metagross10048 posts a video of their experience to raise the visibility of the serious issue.

Again, the enemy player, who goes by the ID GrumpyPants, locks directly onto incoming Beta participants. It’s truly embarrassing that some users are cheating even in a game’s trial period.

We can only hope that Treyarch can see just how much of a problem this will end up being. Should hackers be allowed to run this rampant, the Black Ops Cold War PC fan base will quickly disappear.

Right now, we’re only a day into the Black Ops Cold War’s Early Access Beta. With that in mind, there will likely be an influx of cheating players when the Open Beta goes live.

Of course, this isn’t the only Call of Duty title on PC that suffers from cheaters. Warzone is another game that is full of aimbots and wallhacks, with Activision taking little to no action against malicious users.

In fact, the problem is now so bad that NICKMERCS claims Warzone is dying due to a hacker infestation. And given that a new Warzone map for Cold War could be coming very soon, it seems that hackers are about to have an easy time adjust to the upcoming game.