A new exploit is letting even PC players play MW3 a day early, but you’ll need a friend to help you get in.

Technically, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 doesn’t release until midnight, but many gamers are hopping in already.

On PlayStation and Xbox, fans are able to use the New Zealand trick to play right now. But PC users are usually left in the dark, with a global release time of 12 AM ET locking them out.

mw3 lobby operators dropping in

However, it seems that this time, PC players can join in the early access fun.

How to Get Early Access on PC

It appears that the way to get early access to MW3 on PC is to get a friend on PlayStation or Xbox to invite you to a game.

By using the New Zealand trick, many gamers are already enjoying Modern Warfare 3.

And while only console users can perform the region change, it appears that those with access can invite their PC brothers and sisters to a lobby.

This is likely possible due to the fact that all COD titles now go through the Call of Duty HQ application.

According to fans who are using the trick to play right now, it’s possible to join MW3 lobbies on PC, so long as you have an invite from a friend who has access.

And on top of that, players report that PC users can even access their own lobbies.

To do this, simply go into the Firing Range and have the MW3 host boot you from the party, leaving you in a lobby all to yourself.

Firing Range in Call of Duty

Then, of course, you’re free to invite your own friends to the match and get playing MW3 early, even on PC.

It’s unclear whether Activision will take action to prevent players from gaining access early on PC. We’d imagine not, given that MW3’s release time is only hours away.

But it’s still almost a full day of early access that we imagine the company would rather you not have.

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