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Phil Spencer Discusses Future of Halo Infinite in 2021 and Beyond

Halo Infinite is finally releasing this year but Xbox Boss Phil Spencer has more to say on the franchise’s future.

You’d think from the name that Halo Infinite would be the final entry in the long-running franchise. After 6 years of waiting between mainline entries, gamers will finally get their hands on Infinite when it releases later this year.

But, of course, a franchise as popular as Halo isn’t going anywhere just yet. And the series isn’t banking on the success of Halo Infinite either, Phil Spencer reveals.

In a new interview with Xbox Unlocked, the Xbox Head confirms the plans for Halo Infinite in 2021 and beyond.

Halo Infinite
(Source: Xbox)

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Halo Infinite Isn’t the End for the Halo Franchise

In case you had any doubts, it looks as though Halo Infinite isn’t the end of the Halo franchise.

Discussing what Halo Infinite means for the future of the franchise, Xbox’s Phil Spencer revealed more about how the company judges its upcoming project. After a year delay, the title will be launching in Holiday 2021 and Xbox is promising a “game that Halo fans can be proud of.”

And we can certainly see that in this new Halo Infinite 2020 vs 2021 graphics comparison!

“Halo will be here 10 years from now,” Spencer confirms. “Is Infinite the, like, linchpin to whether it survives that long? Absolutely not.”

The Xbox Boss cites the game’s rabid fan base and extensive history as just two reasons why Halo isn’t going anywhere after Infinite. And Phil Spencer reports that he never wants a game development team to believe like it’s make-or-break with their next installment.

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Halo Infinite How to Unlock Yoroi Samurai Armor Season 1
(Source: Xbox)
343 Industries

“It’s just an IP that’s going to be with us. We don’t take that for granted but I definitely believe that in my core that that’s true.”

While millions of fans enjoy Halo Infinite at launch, there will always be people who see room for growth.

But where Halo Infinite is concerned, how is the game doing in its lead-up to launch day?

Halo Infinite Multiplayer Is a Return To Pure Arena Goodness

Although the Xbox Boss can’t go into too much detail about what’s new in Halo Infinite, he can reveal that he’s been playing the game on a weekly basis.

“When I got back to playing Arena, when I got back to playing Big Team Battle… there was something very pure about coming back to a Halo Arena experience.”

Phil Spencer goes on to describe Infinite as a clean experience with a tight gameplay loop. “It’s just so fun,” Spencer reports, revealing that 343 Industries practically has to pry the controller out of his hand whenever he gets to play it.

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halo infinite
(Source: Xbox)

Describing the upcoming title as going back to the tried-and-true Halo formula and perfecting it, it’s clear that Spencer is as excited as we are for release day.

And speaking of release, the Xbox Boss gave us a new update on Halo Infinite’s launch day recently.

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See more from Spencer’s interview here, including the future for Xbox’s studio acquisitions! We even get a new look at The Elder Scrolls 6 and Starfield!

(Source: IGN)

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