Two of the most unlikely Fortnite collaborations, Family Guy’s Peter Griffin and Metal Gear’s Solid Snake are reportedly dropping in Chapter 5 Season 1: Underground.

After years of leaks, memes, and fan ‘demands,’ the unthinkable might actually be happening.

Xbox has just reportedly leaked the first image of Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1 and yes, it stars, Peter Griffin. Metal Gear’s Snake is also present.

Family Guy Is Actually Coming to Fortnite

If the new leaked image of the Chapter 5 Season 1 key art is real, Fortnite is actually getting a Peter Griffin skin, bringing the long-awaited Family Guy collab to Epic Games’ Battle Royale.

In addition, the first Chapter 5 Battle Pass is also set to star Snake, in what looks like his Metal Gear Solid appearance.

Ordinarily we’d take a leak like this with a huge pinch of salt, however, trustworthy leaker iFireMonkey is already confirming that the image is real.

This is a crazy Battle Pass to kickstart the new season, and it may well be the memorable surprise that fans were told to look forward to in the Fortnite OG live event.

For those unaware, Family Guy assets were found in the Fortnite files all the way back in Feb 2021, but nothing ever came of the unexpected collab. Now, it seems that Epic has found a way to bring Peter Griffin to Fortnite, even if they had to make him skinnier in the process.

In addition to the two internet-breaking skins, it appears that the Chapter 5 Season 1 Battle Pass will feature a humanoid tiger, and Underground Jonesy, amongst a variety of other skins that were revealed in a past Fortnite survey to gauge player interest.

Peter Griffin & Solid Snake Release Date

Assuming that the leak is real, Peter Griffin and Solid Snake will be arriving as part of the Chapter 5 Season 1 Battle Pass, which should go live on December 3, 2023.

However, one of the two characters may well be the Battle Pass’ Secret Skin, meaning that it won’t drop until mid-season.

If this is the case, all Battle Pass owners will have a chance to get their hands on the collab (most likely Peter) by completing a variety of missions in-game.

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