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Why the Pellington is Warzone’s Most Underrated Sniper

The Pellington is the most underrated sniper rifle in Warzone, according to gun tester True Game Data.

Sniper rifles are one of the most deadly weapon types in Warzone. Plus, there’s nothing more satisfying in Warzone than hitting that perfect sniper headshot.

However, there is a lot of debate over what sniper is best. The Pellington is an often overlooked sniper, however, True Game Data believes that it is the best option for mid range fights after thoroughly testing the weapon.

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Is the Pellington the Best Sniper in Warzone?

A new video from True Game Data shows that the Pellington is way better in Warzone than most people think. It might even be better than the extremely popular Kar98k.

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In his new video, True Game Data compares the Pellington to two of the top sniper options in Warzone at the moment. These are the Kar98k and the SP-R 208.

Looking at the base stats, the Pellington seems very average. It has a slower ADS speed than the Kar98 and is worse at long range than the SP-R 208, but the Pellington is much better in-game than the stats suggest.

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Pellington Warzone

Most Underrated Warzone Sniper

There are three reasons why the Pellington is the most underrated Warzone sniper. Now is also the best time to use a sniper paired with an assault rifle as the FFAR has got a stealth buff which makes it unstoppable.

Firstly, the Pellington is underrated as the scope-in animation makes it easier to track moving targets. It is snappier compared to Modern Warfare scopes, which allows you to track targets for longer before you reach the full zoom level.

Speaking of scopes, the Pellington can also equip a high-zoom scope that has zero glint. Find out how to get zero scope glint in Warzone.

Where the Pellington also shines in Warzone is with follow up shots.

True Game Data shows that the Kar98k crosshairs wobble a lot after shooting, but the Pellington’s stay almost totally still. This makes finishing off downed players way quicker and easier in Warzone with the Pellington.

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