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Pay-To-Win Warzone Reticles Make Sniping Way More Accurate

Warzone has a number of pay-to-win reticles that make sniping at long ranges considerably easier.

An underrated part of any Warzone loadout, a clean reticle can make all of the difference. A clear crosshair can help you hit every shot, but a bad one can mean disaster.

However, a YouTuber has found that some of the reticles that players have to pay for are actually much better than the ones in the base game.

Black Ops Cold War sniper

Pay-To-Win Crosshairs in Warzone

One complaint many players have about the Cold War weapons is that the reticles are not clear. This is the case for most of them, however, these are the best reticles to use on Cold War guns in Warzone.

Although, players can also buy reticles in the store for an even cleaner sight picture and increased accuracy. YouTuber P4wnyhof has tested all of the reticles in Warzone and has decided that some of them are pay-to-win.

The main effect that these pay-to-win reticles have in Warzone is that they remove the scope parallax which makes shooting way more difficult. All of the higher zoom scopes in Cold War have a large black border around the edge that bounced when you fire the gun, but this is reduced significantly by the pay to win reticles.

Warzone Sniper

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Secondly, these reticles also have a much more visible dot in the middle. Many of the Cold War reticles have dots or crosshairs that blend into the background too easily. This won't be a problem for too much longer though, as Zombies camos and reticles could be coming to Warzone soon.

However, P4wnyhof has found a number of reticles that can be bought in the store which are way more visible than the standard Black Ops Cold War ones.

Reticles aren't the only item that gives paying players an advantage. This Warzone fan fixed Roze’s ‘invisible’ pay-to-win Rook skin.

Best Reticle to Buy in Warzone

Willington Noir

This is P4nyhof's favorite pay-to-win reticle in Warzone as it is a super clear blue color. It is a triangle with two lines on either side and is easily visible on every surface in the game.

It can be bought as part of the Quickscope Sniper bundle for 2000 COD Points.

Cold War Warzone Willington Noir Reticle Pay To Win


Level is another great reticle in Warzone that is as close as you can get to the Modern Warfare 'Blue Dot' for Cold War guns. It is a small bright blue dot with one tiny dot on either side, which makes for a very clean reticle.

Players can but this as part of the Kompromat bundle for 1500 COD Points.

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Cold War Warzone Level Reticle Pay To Win


Finally, the Cornelius reticle is, surprisingly another solid contender for the best reticle in Warzone. It features a very visible bright green dot in the middle of a hat, however, the hat becomes almost invisible when playing and the green dot is very visible.

This can also be bought in the store for 1500 COD Points as part of the Proper Bully bundle.

Cold War Warzone Cornelius Reticle Pay To Win

Check out P4wnyhof's video below to see all of these reticles in action and decide which one if your favorite.

P4wnyhof YouTube

Meanwhile, Warzone players are demanding huge changes to the game, despite rumors of the new map coming out soon.

However, Dr Disrespect says that Warzone needs more than just a new map to keep players interested. The new Warzone map will also apparently have up to 150 players and 23 points of interest.

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