Pokemon Scarlet & Violet gives Bisharp the final evolution it always needed – here’s how to get a Kingambit on your team!

One of the best parts of a new Pokemon generation is seeing all the love given to classic ‘mons. If you’re a big fan of a Pokemon that always needed a little something extra in order to be viable, you could be in luck with the most recent release.

Check out all the new evolutions to fan-favorite Pokemon in Scarlet & Violet below:

And now it’s time for the best of the bunch: Kingambit.

How to Evolve Bisharp Into Kingambit

To evolve Bisharp into Kingambit, you need to defeat 3 Bisharp that are leading groups of Pawniard. These special enemy Bisharp will be holding Leader’s Crests.

Once 3 Bisharp are defeated, level up your own Bisharp through battle or via Exp Candy to evolve it into Kingambit.

Bisharp Leading Pawniard in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet
Bisharp Leading Pawniard in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

In defeating 3 other Bisharp, your Pokemon has proven that it is the most deserving of a leadership title and will evolve into its final form.

Where to Catch Kingambit in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

The only way to find Kingambit in the wild in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet is by engaging it in 5 or 6 Star Tera Raid Battles. The Pokemon will not spawn in the overworld anywhere in Paldea, instead requiring players to evolve a Bisharp or defeat it in a Raid Battle.

The good news is that there’s one Pokemon that can one-shot even 6-star Tera Raid Battles in Scarlet & Violet!

Kingambit in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Where to Find Bisharp & Pawniard in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Bisharp leading Pawniard can only be found in one location in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, around Fury Falls just north of North Province (Area Two).

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Where to Find Bisharp

Regular Pawniard are far more common and can be found near riverbanks in East Province (Area Three), in the region of Paldea that’s primarily quarries and dirt paths.

Where to Find Pawniard in Scarlet & Violet

Make sure when you’re battling Bisharp that they’re leading a pack of Pawniard. Otherwise, your own Bisharp will not meet its evolution requirements.

Your Bisharp must also be the one to defeat the enemy Pokemon in battle to count towards its evolution goal.

How to Evolve Pawniard into Bisharp

To evolve Pawniard into Bisharp, all you need to do is level up the Pokemon to Level 52.

This can be done through battling, or with Exp Candy, and is mercifully far simpler than the next step to turn Bisharp into Kingambit.

Kingambit Base Stats

Special Attack60
Special Defense85

Kingambit Strengths & Weaknesses

Kingambit is a Dark/Steel-Type meaning that it is 4x weak to Fighting-Type moves, and 2x weak to both Ground and Fire-Type attacks.

However, it is completely immune to both Poison and Psychic moves. Kingambit is also resistant to, and only takes half damage from Normal, Flying, Rock, Ghost, Steel, Grass, Ice, Dragon, and Dark-Type attacks.

On top of that, Kingambit boasts an impressive Attack Stat, and significant HP/Defense. With an array of Physical Attacks, it’s an incredible addition to any team.

Want a stylish Shiny blue Kingambit? Here are all the ways to boost your Shiny odds in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet!

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