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Fortnite Cheat Map + Season 8, Week 4 Challenges

Fortnite Cheat Sheet Map – Season 8, Week 4 Challenges, How to Find Secret...

Epic Games have now released the Fortnite Season 8, Week 4 challenges in-game. While players may find some of these a little difficult, we've compiled a Fortnite Cheat Sheet map below. In addition, we've...
Battlefield 5 Update 1.13 Patch Notes

Battlefield 5 Update 1.13 Patch Notes (BF5 March 21)

EA DICE have just released their Battlefield 5 update 1.13 patch notes on PS4, Xbox One and PC. This latest BF5 update includes a host of changes, and you can see them all below...
CoD 2020 Call of Duty 2020

Sources: Call of Duty 2020 to Be Set in Vietnam or the Pacific Front

Gaming INTEL has received exclusive information that Call of Duty 2020, set to be developed by Sledgehammer Games, is expected to be set in Vietnam or the Pacific Front. CoD 2020 - Vietnam or Pacific...

LEAK: Dragon-like Flyers Coming to Apex Legends

Gaming INTEL has found high resolution renders of 'Flyers', a Dragon-like creature in the Apex Legends game files. Apex Legends Flyers Leaked Yesterday was saw a big update in the game for the Apex Legends 1.05...

LEAK | Five New Anti-Titan Weapons Found In Apex Legends

GamingINTEL has discovered five new Anti-Titan class weapons in the Apex Legends game files. Apex Legends Anti-Titan Weapons While Respawn is adamant that Titans have been ruled out for Apex Legends more and more Titan based...
Apex Legends Unreleased Character

LEAK | New Apex Legends Unreleased Character Ability Found

GamingINTEL has discovered one of the abilities for the currently unreleased character Nomad in the Apex Legends game files. Apex Legends Nomad Ability Leak GamingINTEL has uncovered a file named "ptpov_nomad_loot_compass_LOD0.semodel" within the model files of...

New Titan Weapon Models Found In Apex Legends Files

Gaming INTEL has found three new Titan weapons in the Apex Legends files. The addition of Titans to Apex Legends has been a much debated, and leaked, topic since the release of the game almost...
Call of Duty 2019 Release Date CoD 2019

Call of Duty 2019 Release Date, Campaign, Rumors & Leaks (CoD 2019)

Infinity Ward is expected to release their next Call of Duty installment sooner than many may think. An influx of rumors and leaks has prompted speculation as to when the Call of Duty 2019...
Apex Legends Update 1.05 Patch Notes

Apex Legends Update 1.05 Patch Notes – March 19th

An array of new additions, including the Apex Legends Season 1 Wild Frontier Battle Pass, have been released by Respawn on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Without further ado, let's dive right into the Apex...
BO4 Update Patch Notes 1.15

Black Ops 4 Update 1.15 Patch Notes – BO4

Treyarch has released Black Ops 4 update 1.15 on PS4 and Xbox One. In addition, the patch from last week has also been released on PC. The PC update is rather large with a file...
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 4 MW4 Zombies

Sources: Infinity Ward Won’t Include Zombies in Modern Warfare 4 (MW4)

Gaming INTEL's exclusive sources have revealed that Call of Duty Modern Warfare 4 (MW4) will not contain a Zombies mode. MW4 Won't Have Zombies The incredible success of Treyarch's Zombies quickly enshrined the game mode as a...
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 4 (MW4) Multiplayer will not have Specialists or Battle Royale

Sources: Modern Warfare 4 Multiplayer Will Not Feature Specialist Characters or Battle Royale

Exclusive Gaming INTEL sources have claimed that Call of Duty Modern Warfare 4's multiplayer will not feature any specialist characters, nor will there be a Battle Royale mode. Ever since Black Ops 3 games in the...
Fortnite Season 8 Week 4 Challenges

Fortnite Season 8, Week 4 Challenges Leaked

The Fortnite Season 8, Week 4 challenges have been leaked online. The last set didn't require too much effort - let's hope this week is just as easy! While these have been leaked almost one...
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 4 (MW4) + MW2

Sources Reveal Maps & Weapons From MW2 and MW3 Coming to Modern Warfare 4...

Exclusive Gaming INTEL sources have revealed that maps and weapons from MW2 and MW3 will be included in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 4's Multiplayer mode. Sources: MW4 to receive MW2/MW3 Maps & Weapons In a move...
Apex Legends Servers Down - March 15th

Apex Legends Down – Server Outage 15th March 2019

With the new update for Season 1 pending on Apex Legends, there has been a huge server outage. Apex servers are down with reports from all platforms and all regions. Is Apex Legends Down? March...
MW2 Remastered

Activision Attending GDC 2019, Could History Repeat Itself with an MW2 Remastered Trailer?

An influx of leaks and rumors have circulated online suggesting that MW2 Remastered will be the next installment within the Call of Duty franchise, alongside the release of Modern Warfare 4. Activision has since...
Apex Legends Jump Pads

Apex Legends Jump Pads Spotted In-Game

Back in February, a host of new leaks surfaced suggesting that Jump Pads would be coming to Apex Legends. Several players are reporting that this addition has now been added in-game. Apex Legends Jump Pads Footage An...
Pokemon Go Shiny Alakazam Leak Special Raid Event Boss

Shiny Alakazam Special Raid Event coming to Pokemon Go LEAKED

We have received exclusive information regarding Shiny Alakazam coming to Pokemon Go as a Raid Boss. This particular leaker has been correct on many Pokemon Go leaks before. Shiny Alakazam Leak The leaker has stated some...
Call of Duty MW4 - Modern Warfare 4

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 4 Promotional Art Potentially Leaked – RUMOR

UPDATE - March 15th at 10 PM GMT: This rumor has now been debunked. The creator of this used images from a 3D model artist. Here's the original, as you can see it is...


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