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Overwatch 2 Reveals PVP Beta Maps Images – New Queen Street, Colosseo, Midtown, Circuit Royal

The Overwatch 2 PVP Beta is dropping very soon, and we just got a new look at 4 maps coming to the upcoming trial.

If you are an Overwatch fan in 2022, chances are you’re more than a little tired of what the game has to offer. After all, since the reveal of Overwatch 2 back in 2019, there has been very little new content for Blizzard’s hero shooter.

However, this month, we’ll finally be getting to try Overwatch 2 for ourselves, in the upcoming PVP Beta.

Make sure you sign up for the Overwatch 2 Beta here, so you can try out everything the new game has to offer on April 26!

Overwatch 2 Colloseo PVP Map
Overwatch 2 Push Map: Colosseo
Blizzard Entertainment

All Maps Coming to Overwatch 2 PVP Beta

In a new blog by Blizzard Entertainment, the Overwatch 2 team reveals all the new maps we’ll be going hands-on within the PVP Beta.

If you’re eager to try Overwatch 2’s new Push game mode, you’re in luck! The upcoming trial will feature two Push maps for fans to dive into.

In both New Queen Street and Colosseo, players will be tasked with scoring a robot to the opposite end of a mirrored map. In both New Queen Street, which takes place in Toronto, and Colosseo, situated in Rome, players will see near-identical maps, no matter what side they start on.

Overwatch 2 New Queen Street
Overwatch 2 Push Map: New Queen Street
Blizzard Entertainment

These maps will be easier for flanking, allowing players to split their team to harass the enemy. And while the core map is mirrored on each side, the Overwatch 2 team is ensuring that each spawn point feels different.

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Overwatch 2 New Queen Street PVP
Overwatch 2 Push Map: New Queen Street
Blizzard Entertainment

“We wanted to make subtle changes, like one half of the map having cooler tones and the opposite side being warmer,” Art Director Dion Rogers states. “You will notice that the signs, storefronts, and aesthetics are unique to each side.”

Overwatch 2 Monte Carlo
Overwatch 2 Escort Map: Circuit Royal
Blizzard Entertainment

Circuit Royal is an all-new Escort map coming to the Overwatch 2 PVP Beta. This map takes place in Monte Carlo, featuring expensive architecture and a prestigious race track.

Overwatch 2 Monte Carlo PVP
Overwatch 2 Escort Map: Circuit Royal
Blizzard Entertainment

Meanwhile Midtown, in New York, features sweeping skyscrapers in its Hybrid layout. Expect to see iconic locations like the fire house and Grand Central Station throughout each game played here.

Overwatch 2 Midtown
Overwatch 2 Hybrid Map: Midtown
Blizzard Entertainment

Interestingly, Overwatch 2 will only feature 5-man teams, with one tank player per side. Because of that, the map designs now feature more cover than in the previous game, and we can’t wait to see how it plays out.

Overwatch 2 Midtown PVP
Overwatch 2 Hybrid Map: Midtown
Blizzard Entertainment

Check out more details about the Overwatch 2 Beta heroes, maps, modes and more here!

Meanwhile, top streamers are already passing judgment on Overwatch 2. And Asmongold is not happy with Overwatch 2 reveals so far.

Will the upcoming Beta change players’ minds? We think Overwatch 2 needs to make these 8 changes to be a success.

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