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Overwatch 2 First Alpha Gameplay Videos Are Live Now

The first look at Overwatch 2’s Alpha gameplay is out now via many content creators!

The scarcity of Overwatch 2 content is finally over. Recently, Blizzard has kept its fanbase busy with a landslide of news and updates.

The latest news was a rework for both Orisa and Doomfist. This rework was already something quite loudly rumored within the Overwatch community.

Now, those waiting to see this rework in action are in luck! Blizzard announced many Alpha gameplay videos were going live.

Soon after, many content creators started uploading their experiences with the Overwatch 2 Alpha. One of the highlights of these gameplay videos is the reworks for Orisa and Doomfist!

Overwatch 2 Sojourn Origin Story

Overwatch 2 Alpha Videos – Orisa & Doomfist Rework

Starting today, many content creators uploaded and streamed their hands-on test with the Overwatch 2 Alpha. Many videos focus on the rework Orisa and Doomfist received.

Orisa & Doomfist Rework Overwatch 2 Gameplay

Some content creators took their sweet time to give gamers a good look at all the abilities Doomfist features in Overwatch 2.

This hero is now becoming a tank in Overwatch 2, so that twist is definitely worth some detailed explanation accompanied by gameplay.

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On the other hand, some content creators decided it was a good idea to showcase how much Orisa has changed!

This hero is getting a complete rework in Overwatch 2, and this gameplay video shows all these tweaks and balances.

Overwatch 2 All Hero Changes and Details Gameplay

Other gamers took some time to show us how much the game has changed overall. After all, even if there are many parallels with its predecessor, Overwatch 2 brings in a ton of changes even for existing heroes.

This content creator shows gameplay of every hero announced in Overwatch 2 so far!

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Those who create gaming content know some fans love in-depth information about competitive games.

This content creator took exactly this approach in their gameplay video, giving Overwatch 2 fans precisely that. This video features an in-depth description of each hero’s changes in the game.

Overwatch 2 Alpha Gameplay Tutorials

For those interested not only in updates but also in how to play with some heroes effectively, some content creators crafted some tutorials!

Here is one tutorial focused on the new hero, Sojourn! Also, Blizzard recently shared all the details about Sojourn’s combat kit.

Furthermore, if you are looking forward to experiencing Doomfist as a tank, here is a tutorial to show you the best way to take advantage of all his new abilities!

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Overall, it is an excellent day for Overwatch 2 fans with all this gameplay going around! Things will get even more exciting in five days with the PvP beta launches.

Here is how to sign up for the Overwatch 2 PvP beta if you want to join the fun!

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