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Overwatch 2 Doomfist and Orisa Rework Officially Revealed

Blizzard has officially revealed the Doomfist and Orisa rework coming to Overwatch 2. Here’s everything we know!

Following their recent deep dive into Sojourn, Blizzard has been hard at work preparing for the upcoming Overwatch 2 Beta.

This comes after fans harshly criticized the developer’s silence around Overwatch 2 for quite some time.

After all the excitement surrounding the reveal and in-depth analysis of Sojourn, Blizzard is ready to present even more Overwatch 2 details!

Now, they’ve showcased two reworks for some of their most popular returning heroes.

Here’s everything we know about the rework of Doomfist and Orisa in the upcoming Overwatch 2!

Overwatch 2 Doomfist Cinematic

Doomfist & Orisa Rework in Overwatch 2 – All Changes & Details

Overwatch 2 is revamping a lot of gameplay aspects, including a rework to two of its most prominent heroes, Doomfist and Orisa, right in time for the PvP Beta.

Doomfist Overwatch 2 Rework

These are the most notable changes Doomfist has received:

  • General
    • Doomfist is now a tank
    • Health increase to 450
  • Hand Cannon
    • Ammo recovery speed increased to 0.4s
    • Damage decreased from 6 to 5 for each pellet
  • Power Block
    • Protect from frontal attacks and empowers Rocket Punch if heavy damage is blocked
    • Empowered Rocket Punch travels faster and at a greater distance while dealing more damage
  • Uppercut
    • Ability scraped
  • Rocket Punch
    • Max charge reduced to 1.0s
    • Impact damage reduction 15-30
    • Wall slam damage reduction 20-40
  • Seismic Slam
    • Launches players, just like Winston’s leap
    • Deals damage and slows enemies on landing
  • Meteor Strike
    • Adds a slow to all enemies hit
    • Outer ring damage reduction 100-15
    • Activation time reduced to 0.5s

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Doomfist Overwatch 2

Orisa Overwatch 2 Rework

Overwatch 2 Orisa rework includes the following changes:

  • Augmented Fusion Driver
    • Rapidly fires projectiles, which start large and shrink down
    • Uses a heat mechanic instead of ammo/reload
  • Energy Javelin
    • Launch Javelin to stun and knockback enemies, effectiveness is increased when enemy players hit a wall
  • Fortify
    • Gains 125 temporary health
    • Slowed 20% while active
    • 50% heat reduction generated from firing while active
  • Javelin Spin
    • Spin Javelin to destroy projectiles, push enemies, and increase forward speed
  • Terra Surge
    • Sweeps in enemies, anchors down while gaining Fortify effects, and charges up a surge of damage
    • Primary Fire can be used to unleash surge early
  • Abilities Removed
    • Protective Barrier
    • Halt!
    • Supercharger

Blizzard clarified that these changes are still a work in progress.

Additionally, the developer confirmed that this rework could change after observing players use these heroes in the 5v5 and one-tank-per-team setting of the upcoming PvP beta.

Here is everything you need to know to sign up for the Overwatch 2 PvP beta.

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Orisa Overwatch 2 Rework

In addition to all these hero details, Blizzard also unveiled the maps coming to the PvP beta this month.

Lastly, according to gamers, these are the eight biggest heroes Overwatch 2 needs to be successful!

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