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Overwatch 2 Closed Beta – Not Received Invite Possible Fix

If you haven’t received your Overwatch 2 Closed Beta email invitation yet, don’t panic! You might still be able to get in.

The Overwatch 2 Closed Beta just launched after months of anticipation.

Although players will need an Overwatch 2 Closed Beta invite to participate and discover all the new additions coming to Overwatch.

But some players report getting into the Closed Beta by more direct means.

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Blizzard Entertainment / @Helba_The_Al

How to Launch Overwatch 2 Closed Beta on

Some players report seeing the Overwatch 2 Technical Test in their launcher before receiving the official email.

These Overwatch 2 Closed Beta players have been able to install the Overwatch 2 Technical Test before receiving anything from in their email.

To check for the Overwatch 2 Technical Test in the Launcher, follow these steps:

  • Launch from your desktop.
  • Click on Overwatch.
  • On the bottom left of the Overwatch page, you will see your game version. Click on it, and a drop-down menu will appear.
  • Players invited to the beta will be able to see the Overwatch 2 Technical Test here.
  • Install Overwatch 2 Technical Test.

Here’s how to get an Overwatch 2 Closed Beta Invite through Twitch Drops tomorrow!

Overwatch 2 Beta Details
Activision Blizzard

There are probably hundreds of thousands of players that opted in to receive an invite for the Overwatch 2 Closed Beta.

So it makes sense that the technical aspect of the invite is more proficient than the email aspect of it.

Although players will still need to have been chosen by Activision Blizzard for the Closed Beta to see the Overwatch 2 Technical Test in the launcher.

Unfortunately, this is not a fix for players that were not chosen during this wave of invites.

Those invited to the Overwatch 2 Closed Beta will be able to try out the newest hero, Sojourn, and the new 5 vs. 5 standards for multiplayer.

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