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Overwatch 2 Closed Beta – All Known Hero Changes and Reworks

Overwatch 2 brings multiple changes to the Overwatch formula, including some changes to our favorite heroes. Find out all of the currently known Overwatch 2 character changes and reworks.

The Overwatch 2 Closed Beta brings our first taste of Overwatch 2 since it was first announced over two years ago.

And while many changes would have been made for a better gameplay experience, some players will be worried that their main could be too different.

We have the list of all Overwatch 2 hero changes known so far from the Alpha / Closed Beta. We’re going to cover what’s changed with your favorite characters.

Overwatch 2 – All Known Hero and Character Changes / Reworks

We’re covering this list in alphabetical order, to make it easier to find your Overwatch main hero! Here are all the current Overwatch 2 changes.


Ana hasn’t had too many changes. Her Sleep Dart ability has been increased from 12 seconds to 15 seconds.

Her Biotic Grenade, which was useful for healing and also debuffing enemies, has been nerfed to 60 health instead of 100. The debuff still affects enemy heroes, stopping them from healing for a few moments.


Bastion has seen some pretty major changes to his existing playstyle, however, not as dramatic as some hero’s reworks.

Bastion Changes Overwatch 2
Blizzard Entertainment

Here’s a handy visual to see the alterations made to Bastion in Overwatch 2.

The major things to note are that Bastion has a new ultimate, Configuration: Artillery, alongside his Self-Repair ability being removed. He also has a new ability called Tactical Grenade, which knocks back any enemies and can stick to enemies and floors.

He can also move now in Sentry mode, however, he has a 40% damage reduction while in Sentry mode. Overall, he seems more balanced as opposed to nerfed or buffed.


The Shield Bash ability for Brigitte has been altered slightly. Instead of stunning enemies, it now deals more damage, offers a longer range and a shorter cooldown, and can be used to rush through shields.

Brigitte also does less healing with her Inspire ability now.

Overwatch 2 All Hero Changes and Reworks
Blizzard Entertainment


One of Cassidy’s most useful abilities, the Flashbang Grenade, has been changed to a Magnetic Grenade. Rather than stun enemies, the Magnetic Grenade sticks to an enemy hero and deals higher damage.

Of course, the issue is that Cassidy mains will need to get used to a whole new moveset. The Flashbang Grenade was great at dealing with enemies who were alone, but also, stunning enemies making a push.


D.Va sees a slight buff, with Defense Matrix recharging quicker and lasting slightly longer. Alongside this, D.Va sees a movement increase when firing, however, at the cost of a slightly lower fire spread.


Doomfist is one of two heroes who have gone under a major rework in Overwatch 2. Firstly, Doomfist has now been converted from a DPS to a Tank, drastically increasing his HP to 450.

Doomfist Overwatch 2

His Uppercut ability has been replaced with a new ability called Power Block. This ability blocks damage from enemies, while also increasing his Rocket Punch’s damage, speed, and range based on incoming damage.

His abilities Rocket Punch, Seismic Slam, and his ultimate, Meteor Strike, have also seen some changes too.


Not much has changed for Junkrat. The only thing that has been altered is that players can slightly move when caught in his trap. Otherwise, Junkrat is his usual self!


Mei has seen a pretty big nerf to her playstyle. Formally, she could freeze enemies with her primary fire. Now, it only slows enemies down.

Overwatch 2 Blizzard Reveals When Beta Invites Sent
Blizzard Entertainment

Her ultimate ability still freezes enemies as per usual but it will be interesting to see how Mei plays in the future.


Mercy has been made slightly weaker, albeit a small nerf. Her self-healing is slightly decreased, as well as her healing staff is slightly less effective.

While Mercy mains may feel a slight hit at first, it’s definitely a minor change that won’t take much to get used to!


The other hero to receive a major rework is Orisa. Orisa has been made to be more versatile and to be able to deal hefty damage up close to enemy heroes.

Orisa Overwatch 2 Rework

Firstly, her primary fire is now heat-based instead of ammo-based. She also deals increased damage with her weapon when closer to enemies.

She’s lost a few abilities, including her ultimate, in exchange for new ones. Her new main ability is an Energy Javelin, which knocks back any enemy and stuns them. It also does more damage if the enemy hits a wall.

Along with this, Orisa has a new Javelin Spin ability. This ability pushes enemies back, blocks projectiles, and increases Orisa’s forward speed.

Finally, her ultimate has been changed into Terra Surge. This ability pulls in enemies and offers the effects of Fortify.

It’s clear that the Overwatch team knew Orisa needed major changes to keep up with some changes to the Overwatch formula.

Overwatch 2 Hero Changes and Reworks
Blizzard Entertainment


Reinhardt has primarily seen buffs in Overwatch 2. Firstly, his Fire Strike now holds two Fire Strikes in one cooldown. His Charge ability is also easier to steer, as well as being cancelable mid-charge.

His Shield has seen a buff from 1200 HP to 1600 HP, his health is up to 300 HP, and his armor is now 200 HP.

Overall, it seems Reinhardt players will have a great time with his upgrades in Overwatch 2!


Roadhog has had very minimal changes. His health has been upped from 600 to 700, and it seems his healing ability does 350 for healing instead.

Otherwise, it seems Roadhog is pretty much the same.


Sombra, while not getting reworked, seems to have a few changes made to her existing playstyle. In fact, her Hack ability has been significantly altered in Overwatch 2.

Sombra Changes Overwatch 2
Blizzard Entertainment

It’s better to use this visual to understand Sombra’s changes. But overall, there are a few changes to look at:

  • Hacking is now possible during Stealth, but Sombra becomes visible whilst hacking.
  • Hack has now been reduced from eight seconds to three seconds
  • Enemies will only be ability locked for a measly one second, compared to the existing five seconds
  • Hacked enemies are revealed to teammates through walls for eight seconds
  • EMP doesn’t deal shield-specific damage but deals 40% of an enemy’s current HP.
  • New passive which grants increased damage to hacked enemies.

Sombra mains will need to get used to some big changes in Overwatch 2. However, it seems Sombra has been balanced, as opposed to nerfed or buffed.


For those who play Winston frequently, you may be pretty excited about some of the changes for him.

Winston now has the ability to use a secondary primary fire, which charges up a bolt that can be fired at enemies. This will give Winston some more range and precision-based shots when leaping around.

His shield also has a Quality of Life improvement too. Winston is now able to see the shield health with a timer showing how long is left.


Zarya sees very little change to her existing ability set. However, one major note is that the bubble shields are no longer distinct abilities but rather connected.

For example, you can decide as Zarya to bubble yourself twice, bubble two allies, or bubble yourself and an ally like Overwatch. This makes Zarya much more flexible during dire situations but makes management of her abilities slightly more difficult.


Last, but certainly not least, is Zenyatta. His only change is that he can now see who is in range of his Transcendence ultimate ability.

It isn’t a major change, but simply a nice Quality of Life improvement.

Overwatch 2 Sojourn
Blizzard Entertainment

Those are all the currently known Overwatch 2 hero reworks and changes as of the Overwatch 2 Closed Beta.

Of course, some heroes are likely to change again between now and the next Beta phase thanks to player feedback!

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