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Overwatch 2 Beta: How to Play Orisa, Tips & Tricks for the New Rework

The new Overwatch 2 Beta is showcasing a complete rework of Orisa! Here are some tips & tricks to ensure you make the best of her new move set.

The Overwatch 2 Beta is live, which means that players will experience brand-new Overwatch content for the first time in over 2 years.

To participate in the beta, players will need to opt in and receive an invite via email!

If you did get invited to the beta and are hoping to aid your team with Orisa then here’s what you need to know.

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Orisa Overwatch 2 Rework

Best Orisa Strategy in Overwatch 2: Tips & Tricks

Here’s how you can take the newly reworked Orisa and completely dominate the enemy team in the Overwatch 2 Beta.

Orisa has always been a Tank that could hold down a point and stop the enemy team from pushing. But when it came down to fighting one on one, Orisa could be quickly taken down.

The rework in the Overwatch 2 Beta completely changes that. Here’s a rundown of her new abilities and how to best implement them into combat.

Augmented Fusion Driver

Orisa’s primary fire is no longer a machine gun. It’s been replaced by an Augmented Fusion Driver that shoots round projectiles that start large but shrink the further the distance before they hit.

When enemies are closer to you, your Fusion Driver will do more damage.

The Fusion Driver also doesn’t consume ammo. Instead, it will begin to heat up until it overheats. If this happens, you will be unable to fire for three seconds.

This means that if an enemy that is quicker than Orisa tries to get too close, she can easily defend herself with the larger projectiles.

Energy Javelin

Orisa now has a new secondary fire that fires an Energy Javelin at her enemies. This javelin can be used to pick targets off from a distance. It can also stun enemies, so it makes it a pretty lethal weapon to have.

Players can use the energy javelin to hit enemies for a large chunk of damage and stun them. Then they can follow up with the Augmented Fusion Driver to quickly dispose of them.

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Fortify now grants you 125 more health, reduces your moving speed by 20%, and decreases the rate at which your Fusion Driver heats up by 50%. It turns you into a tank.

It can be beneficial for pushes and for holding a point.

Javelin Spin

The Javelin Spin can destroy enemy projectiles, increase your forward momentum, and push enemies backward.

This can be used to stop an enemy trying to get the upper hand on your slow movements, and it can be used to boop characters off the map.

The Javelin Spin can also destroy some ultimate, but it can not stop beam attacks.

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Terra Surge

Orisa’s ultimate has been completely reworked to implement her pull. Now she will spin the javelin above her while fortifying and building energy.

Once she’s built up enough energy, she will slam down the javelin and cause massive damage to anyone caught in the attack.

But unlike Zayra’s gravitational pull, Terra Surge will not tether enemies to Orisa. This means players will need to combine this ultimate with others to make the most of it.

Terra Surge can also pull enemies closer to Orisa and sometimes even be drawn into environmental dangers like fall damage.

Make sure you do your best to improve your skills before the Overwatch 2 Closed Beta ends! It could be a while before you get to play Overwatch 2 again.

And if you haven’t received an email, that doesn’t mean you didn’t receive an invite!

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