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Overwatch 2 Beta: How to Play Bastion, Tips & Tricks for the New Rework

Whether you were a Bastion main before, or plan to play as him more often, his reworks substantially change his playstyle. Here’s how to play Bastion after his rework in Overwatch 2’s Closed Beta.

Overwatch 2’s Closed Beta went live yesterday, letting players experience all of the changes Blizzard has made to the Overwatch formula.

While some changes may be minor, a lot of heroes have been changed or reworked completely. This is to help with some of the other changes to Overwatch’s core gameplay.

And with Overwatch 2 moving from a 6v6 to a 5v5 team composition, you need to make sure you’re up to scratch!

Here’s our guide on how to play Bastion in Overwatch 2’s Closed Beta, after some of his reworks and changes.

Best Strategies for Bastion in Overwatch 2 Closed Beta

Here are some tips and tricks on how to play Bastion after his changes in Overwatch 2’s Beta test:

While Bastion may have had some fairly big changes, he’s primarily the same way to play. We’ll still cover some tips and tricks for newer Bastion players, but overall, Bastion mains shouldn’t worry too much.

Bastion Changes Overwatch 2
Blizzard Entertainment

Bastion has been balanced overall. Some of his abilities have been either altered or completely removed. However, for each nerf there’s a buff, making Bastion a well-rounded hero to play.

Configuration: Recon

The standard Bastion configuration doesn’t see much change for players to be concerned about.

Bastion’s ammo and fire rate have been reduced, but his damage has increased and the spread has been removed.

Strangely, he doesn’t have much, if any recoil. It takes some getting used to, but players can be extremely accurate with Bastion’s bullets.

Configuration: Assault (Replaces Configuration: Sentry)

While Sentry has been renamed to Assault, it functions fairly similarly. However, Bastion can now move while in this configuration.

His movement is at a reduced rate, and the ability is timed, running for six seconds and having a 12-second cooldown.

Overwatch 2 Bastion Assault Mode Guide

He also has infinite ammo during this time, but with a damage reduction.

Configuration: Assault is great at keeping the pressure on Tanks, as well as defeating Support characters. However, those with shields will likely survive, and possibly overpower you while in this form.

Assault is best for dealing with an enemy team once their Tanks have been taken down, or when the whole team is making a push. Otherwise, it can be a risky play.

A-36 Tactical Grenade (Replaces Self-Repair)

Bastion can no longer heal himself, as his Self-Repair ability has been replaced with the A-36 Tactical Grenade.

While not being able to heal could throw off returning players, the new grenade is really useful for baiting some players.

It is bound to alternate fire by default, making it easily accessible when firing. It sticks to enemies and the ground but bounces off walls.

Bastion Overwatch 2 Closed Beta Changes Guide
Blizzard Entertainment

We found it particularly useful on squishy enemies pushing past their tanks. When they seem to panic, they take it back with them to their team as it explodes.

It’s especially useful on Tracer, Sojourn, and other characters who are particularly fast and can escape situations.

Configuration: Artillery (Replaces Configuration: Tank)

Configuration: Artillery is one of Bastion’s biggest changes and one that players will need to get used to.

Tank used to be quite good at pressuring enemies during a push with the team. However, Configuration: Artillery requires Bastion to almost hide away while being used.

When activated, this ultimate puts Bastion into a cannon form, changing the camera to allow you to place strikes in markers around the map.

Overwatch 2 Beta Bastion Guide Artillery Skill
Blizzard entertainment

It has a very long-range, so using it from a distance on a defending or attacking team is great. However, during this time, Bastion is vulnerable, hence why you need to hide.

You need to be pretty precise, as the damage falloff is very significant. But hitting direct hits on enemies that are low health will be a guaranteed kill.

You have three shots, so make them count! You can either place them precisely or quickly spam in an area with a lot of enemy heroes.

While Bastion’s rework may take some getting used to for seasoned players, his changes are pretty useful overall. The only thing to watch out for is the fact you can’t self-heal anymore, so relying on support heroes is necessary.

Overwatch 2 Bastion Configuration Assault
Blizzard Entertainment

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