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Overpowered Warzone Weapons Are ‘Healthy’ Claims NICKMERCS

Overpowered Warzone weapons are a popular complaint when it comes to the battle royale but NICKMERCS believes they’re healthy for the game.

We’re finally in the midst of Warzone Season 4, and overall it’s a pretty good update to the game. Not only do we have interesting new POIs to explore, weapons to unlock, and a Ground Fall event to complete, the game’s balance is in an excellent place.

Except, that is, when it comes to Warzone Season 4’s most overpowered weapon. Right now, the MG 82 LMG is so dominant in-game that it takes the game’s Time To Kill right down.

MG 82 Warzone
(Source: Activision)

What’s more, the LMG is a new piece of Warzone floor loot, meaning that it’s incredibly common too. But when you’re using the best MG 82 loadout in Warzone, you’re more or less unstoppable.

As with all overpowered Warzone weapons, a long-awaited nerf patch will eventually bring the gun down to a more reasonable level. But Twitch streamer and Warzone pro NICKMERCS doesn’t dislike having new overpowered weapons in the Warzone meta.

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NICKMERCS Likes Overpowered Warzone Guns – At Least For a While

It’s no shock to anyone that NICKMERCS is a fan of overpowered Warzone guns. After all, the content creator spends a good portion of his working life making videos on all the best weapons in each Warzone season.

It seems like every week, NICKMERCS and half of YouTube have a new overpowered Warzone weapon to show us all. But in the case of the MG 82, that gun truly is far too powerful right now, a fact that even the developers are acknowledging.

Responding to a fan’s question about Raven Software adding the overpowered MG 82, NICKMERCS had this to say:

“Well I think that it’s actually good – it’s healthy for them to add OP guns. Y’know, I’m not upset with that at all. I just think that after a week of this shit, a week and a half… that’s when the need to make the adjustment, not like a month.”

Overpowered Warzone Weapons Are Healthy NICKMERCS

Lately, Raven Software has been much better at balancing Warzone, and many fans believe that this season’s balance is the best it has ever been. But for NICKMERCS, balance isn’t everything when it comes to Warzone.

“I actually like them adding OP things, it spices the game up a little bit, y’know what I mean?”

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How Long Should a Weapon Be Overpowered for in Warzone?

NICKMERCS later responded to a commenter who suggested that Raven Software needs to give players time to unlock the new weapon and level it up before dropping a nerf. Describing the experience of playing against overpowered Warzone weapons for a month as ‘relentless’, it’s clear that the Twitch streamer is hoping for faster changes.

Thankfully, Raven Software is already confirming the MG 82 nerf is coming, only a few days after release. We’re still waiting for the new patch to go live, but we expect it to drop any day now.

Don’t worry though, we’ve got you covered with the best gun in Warzone Season 4 after the MG 82 nerf is live!

Unfortunately, weapon balancing isn’t the only issue in Warzone Season 4, and it’s been a rocky update for many players. The new Warzone season appears to be causing lag spikes, disconnects, errors, and more for many users.

And what’s more, Warzone Season 4 is unplayable for many gamers on PS4 and Xbox One consoles altogether.

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