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This Overpowered Warzone Gun Is Even Better Than the DMR 14

This overpowered Warzone DMR 14 could have finally met its match…

There’s no doubt that the DMR 14 is way too powerful at the moment. Warzone players are having their games ruined by the insanely high time-to-kill and non-existent recoil.

When confronted with a DMR 14, players may not even have time to react before they are dead. It only takes 5 upper torso shots from the fast-firing weapon to down a fully-armored opponent.

Fans and content creators alike are asking for the DMR 14 to be nerfed. This nerf could happen at any time, potentially even as early as today.

If the DMR 14 does get nerfed, then there is a perfect gun to replace it, however. It has very similar stats and some players even think this gun is even more powerful.

What Gun Is Even Better Than the DMR 14?

The Type 63 is another semi-automatic Tactical Rifle that is extremely powerful in Warzone and can down players even quicker than DMR 14. The Type 63 takes one less shot to kill with full armor.

It also has faster reload speed, ADS speed, sprint out time, and a higher base magazine capacity.

However, players gravitated towards the DMR 14 because it’s easier to use. The only downside to the Type 63 is that it is harder to control.

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Overpowered Type 63 Warzone Better Than DMR

With higher vertical recoil, you might have to wait slightly longer between firing shots to center your crosshairs again. The Type 63 also has higher idle sway than the DMR 14 which makes hitting shots at long range more difficult.

The Type 63 can be deadlier in Warzone than the overpowered DMR 14, but will take a little more time to get used to. It is also more of a mid-range gun and is harder to use at longer ranges.


Why not try out the best DMR 14 loadout before they nerf it or to see whether you prefer that or the Type 63?

There is also another overpowered gun that Warzone players want to be nerfed. Players are even using this sidearm as their main weapon.

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