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Most Overpowered Venusaur Build in Pokemon Unite – September 2021

This new Venusaur build is absolutely overpowered in Pokemon Unite’s September 2021 patch.

Pokemon Unite just got a new major update and it changes the meta for good! Now that the MOBA is available on both mobile and Nintendo Switch devices, the player base is exploding once again.

But is Pokemon Unite better on mobile or Nintendo Switch? We’d say there are some arguments for and against both platforms, so choose the one that’s right for you!

Of course, the mobile launch also came with Pokemon Unite’s biggest balance patch yet.

Pokemon Unite Venusaur
(Source: Nintendo)

And it seems that even Rotom is getting a buff in the new update!

But this overpowered build might just make Venusaur the strongest Pokemon in Pokemon Unite…

Best Venusaur Build – Pokemon Unite

This overpowered Venusaur build might be the strongest new meta pick in Pokemon Unite.

Recently, Venusaur climbed to A-Tier in the latest Pokemon Unite tier list. But with this new build, we could see the Grass/Poison-Type bump all the way up to S Rank.


Typically, Venusaur’s best build in Pokemon Unite has always made use of Solarbeam. The powerful attack is capable of stealing Wild Pokemon with ease and can finish off enemies in one powerful blow.

But in a new build, players are discovering that new buffs mean that Petal Dance and Giga Drain might be the best possible Venusaur moveset.

Venusaur Solar Beam
(Source: Nintendo)

In case you weren’t aware, using Giga Drain and then Petal Dance will almost immediately reset the former move’s cooldown. Each time an enemy Pokemon is hit by Petal Dance, Giga Drain’s cooldown resets by one second.

With that in mind, Venusaur can heal itself twice while dealing newly buffed damage with Petal Dance. What’s more, the flowery move will increase your movement speed even further for some quick escapes or chases!

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Held Items

Muscle Band, Focus Band, and Rocky Helmet will make Venusaur into the tank we always knew it could be! However, using some of Pokemon Unite’s best Held Items can make the Pokemon a lot more versatile.

Consider taking Buddy Barrier to give your Unite Move more utility, providing an ally and yourself with a shield mid-fight!

In other news, we just got our first gameplay of Sylveon and Mamoswine in Pokemon Unite! And there are new Super Item Enhancers that are changing the game forever.

But there’s one huge issue with the Pokemon Unite mobile port

Check out the overpowered Venusaur build in Pokemon Unite in this short demonstration below by YouTuber spragels.

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