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Overpowered Valorant Boost Spot Discovered on Haven

Valorant is a game of tactical plays and maintaining an advantage over opponents whenever possible. This new competitive Valorant boost tactic on Haven is sure to give you the edge needed to win.

Unlike other spots, this boost spot and tactic can be done with any Agent on the defensive or attacking teams.

If done correctly, this spot is sure to help you catch your enemies off guard and get a one person advantage early in a round.

Valorant Haven

Boost spots are no new phenomenon to Valorant, but unique ones definitely help players maintain a competitive edge.

Spots such as this one attained with the Sage Barrier Orb wall on Split could be the make or break for a defensive side win.

However, be wary that Agents with vertical movement abilities can also get to this spot.

This boost tactic is geared primarily to those Agents who do not have the luxury of having flying or teleportation abilities.

New Valorant Boost Spot on Haven

While not exactly new to veteran players, this spot has recently received some new attention from the community.

Before the recent 2.01 update, only players with vertical movement abilities were able to get to the spot.

Now, even Agents such as Sova, Brimstone, and Reyna can get to the spot.

Valorant haven a site boost

Make sure to follow these steps and to check out Reddit user matsketchup's video to be able to get into this powerful boost spot.

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How To Get Into the Solo Boost Spot on Haven

Unlike other boost spots on Haven, this one does not require a teammate or abilities to accomplish.

This makes it one of the most important and powerful spots on the map.

First, walk up to the side of the stack of boxes in the middle of A site on Haven.

Next, line up your crosshair with the diagonal line on the side of the green box and attempt to walk up it.

With a few tries, you should begin to see your Agent beginning to walk up the diagonal line.

Once you've mastered walking up it, do it a little faster and jump to get yourself onto the top of the boxes.

Valorant Haven A boost spot

When in this spot, you have a clear and elevated view of A Long and the entrance/exit of Sewers onto A Site.

When paired with a teammate who plays either A Long or Sewers, this spot can be quite overpowered as you gain complete control over the site.

This boost can also be done while on the attacking side, but is significantly harder to pull off as enemies can shoot at you from A Heaven or even the lower spawn entrance.

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