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The Overpowered DMR 14 is Ruining Warzone, Claim Players

Black Ops Cold War recently merged with Warzone, bringing a host of new weaponry to the battle royale. Unfortunately, this has lead to an overpowered DMR 14 ruining Warzone for many players.

Whether you’re a Cold War fan or not, there’s no denying that its nice to see some new weaponry in Warzone. However, what’s not so nice is that there’s one gun in particular that appears to be breaking the game.

Over the Christmas break players have been encountering one gun time and time again. We thought this would happen as we listed the DMR as Warzone’s best weapon.

warzone DMR 14 is overpowered
(Source: Activision)

The overpowered Tactical Rifle is something to behold, but the DMR is ruining Warzone for many fans. With one or two bullets being enough to down enemies at tremendous range, it’s clear that something needs to change.

Warzone’s DMR Needs a Nerf

Over the last few days, the Warzone subreddit has exploded with clips of the overpowered DMR 14 in action. And from what we can see, a nerf is sorely needed.

Some players speculate that Activision is pushing players to purchase Cold War, in order to unlock attachments quickly. These same critics don’t believe that the game will be fixed soon either.

(Source: Activision)

In a new Reddit post titled “DMR makes this game unplayable”, one user details their feelings:

I don’t mind people using the Mac 10, yes it’s powerful but you can still counter. The dmr is a two shot and the entire lobby is now using it. This game is in an unplayable state with this gun and we all know activision will nerf it in 2-3 months when everyone is done buying Cold War and buying their weapon skins.

The Reddit user finishes their post with: “This is the worst meta gun that’s ever been in this game.”

And we don’t have to look for long to see why they feel this way.

Clips of Warzone’s Broken DMR in Action

Almost like they’re trying to prove the DMR 14 is broken, one user shows off their Warzone skills in an insane new clip. In two seperate occasions, this player is able to drop from the sky and snipe an enemy with the DMR with ease.

Thanks to a lack of recoil and insane stopping power, the DMR is a hacker’s best friend. This cheater is able to delete an entire lobby, thanks to the Cold War weapon.

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After hearing tales of how good the DMR 14 is, one user thought they’d test the weapon for themselves. After a single shot is enough to eliminate a passing enemy, they now understand the gun’s true potential.

One user has found a new solution for dealing with the influx of DMR users. Despite almost getting instantly killed by the rifle, this Warzone fan is taking extreme measures to counter enemy players.

Looking to build your own overpowered Warzone setup? Here’s our guide to the best DMR 14 loadout for Warzone and Black Ops Cold War.

You should also take a look at the best new guns for Warzone Rebirth Island. With Cold War bringing some real heavy-hitters to the party, even the DMR struggles to contend with the Mac-10 at close range.

The best Mac-10 loadout in Warzone is more than capable of shredding players in seconds. But with these new guns running rampant in the battle royale, it’s starting to feel a little broken.

Hopefully, the two secret new Modern Warfare weapons are about to shake up the meta once more. But it’s clear that Raven Software needs to at least nerf the DMR 14 in the meantime.

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