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Overhauled GTA Online Coming With GTA 6, Suggests Leak

GTA Online has undergone some changes since it launched alongside GTA 5. And by "some", we of course mean "a lot".

What was once a large hub for GTA players to goof off and enjoy the sandbox world of Los Santos became a hub of overpowered players.

A culture of shark cards over progress has led the game to benefit those able to buy its shark cards. Flying cars and hover-bikes with rocket launchers have turned the game from a sandbox utopia into a sci-fi melting pot of chaos.

It doesn't stop there, either; Rockstar has added a weird new vehicle to the game as well as some other new content.

It's perhaps becoming what GTA was meant to parody in the first place. GTA Online has proven that money is power, even in a digital world. The constant update support helps with its new locations and heists, but players need to keep up their payments to keep on top of the new content.

grand theft auto 6 online leak
GTA Online's Diamond Casino Heist

But, for those who couldn't crack the game without paying out the nose for weapons, there's good news.

As a part of a huge GTA leak, it has been suggested that a new version of the gamemode could be coming with GTA 6. And it looks to be a sandbox wonderland once more.

GTA VI's Online Leak

The leak comes from an anonymous leaker from 4chan, who revealed the game's details in an hour-long Reddit AMA. The leak offered an insight into GTA VI's protagonist, story, map, and more.

But importantly, they also detailed the potential new Grand Theft Auto Online mode.

grand theft auto 6 online leak
Grand Theft Auto Online

The leak has suggested that the online counterpart to GTA VI will be much more "grounded". It uses the direct quote of "not like current GTAO where there's flying cars and s***".

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This means great things for the communities around GTA Online. The game is vastly overrun by players with weapons that lay waste to new players. Sadly, the GTAO experience for many is being blown to bits just after they spawn.

This implies that the game could be reset for fairness. It would offer an experience akin to that of GTAO when it first launched. GTA went a touch too far with the sci-fi and bombastic elements in Online, so hopefully, this indicates a new turn for the game mode.

grand theft auto 6 online leak
Grand Theft Auto Online

We just have to cross our fingers and hope that this iteration of GTAO doesn't get too ahead of itself and repeat the same mistakes.

This same leak also spilled some details about some upcoming Rockstar game remasters that we're very excited about.

Still, even if this leak turns out to be unreputable, it's an interesting prospect. Leaks have been rife recently; one has even suggested GTA VI could be revealed during the Super Bowl. Plus, the leak of a Rockstar patent has shown the game will feature upgraded NPCs.

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