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Cold War Zombies Outbreak Aetherium Canister Glitch Is Breaking Games

Players in the COD Zombies subreddit are reporting a strange glitch in Cold War Outbreak that keeps them from progressing with the canister missions.

Outbreak has been immense fun since its release at the start of Cold War season two.

Zombies fans have been curious as to what an open-world experience for the mode could look like since its inception, and now thanks to Treyarch, we get to explore huge areas awash with the undead.

The game mode's introduction has gone almost without a hitch, but a few glitches are causing havoc in some games.

Zombies Outbreak Canister Glitch is Breaking Games
Cold War Zombies Outbreak

An annoying example is a new Outbreak glitch that uses Tombstone Soda to lock players out of bounds.

Similarly, there's a particularly frustrating Juggernog glitch that's breaking Outbreak games.

And now, a new bug has been discovered. And it's one that breaks the very fundamentals of Outbreak's gameplay.

Outbreak's Frustrating Canister Glitch

A glitch that breaks the canister mission in Outbreak is breaking player's games and is keeping them from progressing.

User Xflame has posted a video to the COD Zombies subreddit that shows the first instance of the glitch.

In the clip, the player enters shroud mode to deter zombies on the way to the rockets used in the "retrieve" mission. Upon their attempt to deposit the Aetherium canisters into the rockets, they are knocked down.

Thankfully, it's not a huge threat to their life, as they still have a revive remaining due to the tombstone soda perk. However, it does an incredible detriment to their progress in-game.

Once they get back up and get their bearings, they try to deposit the canister again. Unfortunately this time, it isn't working.

They go to the rockets to attempt their deposit, but it simply won't go in. The progress bar for the canister's insertion appears, but it makes no progress. It simply stays static.

Zombies Outbreak Canister Glitch is Breaking Games
Cold War Zombies Outbreak

Thanks to this bug which is relatively mundane, the player is barred from completing the game. They can make no further progress, and the glitch deals the player an inevitable game over.

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It's a frustrating glitch, as the player can't even exfil from the game without completing the mission. They're stuck in the Alpine area until they exit from the game.

Sadly, this isn't the first time the Outbreak canister glitch has happened either. Player Phoenixkuda has reported the same bug that keeps them from progressing in the game.

It's an immensely frustrating bug that hopefully will see a patch soon. if this bug does mean that all players will be forced to a game over if downed while trying to do this mission step, it could wreak havoc on games.

At least players are still having fun with Outbreak. If you're still fighting through the Ural Mountains, here are some hints and tricks to keep you going;

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