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Original Director Clarifies His God of War Ragnarok Cross-Gen Comments

David Jaffe recently gave his view on whether God of War Ragnarok would be a cross-gen title. He’s now clarified what he meant.

While chatting openly on a video stream, Jaffe was asked if he thought God of War Ragnarok would be cross-gen. He said:

"Oh, I'm sure the next God of War will be PS4/PS5," Jaffe opined. "Of course, it will. I mean, Jim Ryan has pretty much said as much."

Since then, the internet has reacted in a range of ways, leading many fans to speculate and take Jaffe’s opinion as gospel. Some have even expressed concern after the news broke about the PS4 being discontinued in Japan.

Jaffe was the director of the first two God of War games, but he’s had nothing to do with the most recent entry on PS4. He’s also not working on God of War Ragnarok and his views were merely speculative.

Sony boss Jim Ryan stated that Jaffe’s comments do not reflect the game's development, because Jaffe isn’t working on this title. Jaffe then took to Twitter to clarify what he meant.

Jaffe’s Latest Comments on God of War Ragnarok

We have mixed feelings on God of War Ragnarok being cross-gen. If it is, Sony will benefit significantly from sales.

But it does beg the question, if the game is developed with PS4 in mind – will this hold it back from truly being a game worthy of the PS5? This is the debate about cross-gen titles, one which seems destined to rage for a while yet.

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