FromSoftware has a habit of hiding cool loot behind confusing puzzles, with Elden Ring being no different. Here’s where you can find the three Wise Beasts and crack the seal on Oridys’s Rise!

Travel South once you’re let loose in the Lands Between, and you’ll find yourself in the Weeping Peninsula. The showpiece of this region is Castle Morne, down at the southern tip of Elden Ring’s map.

But, atop a cliff just across the Bridge of Sacrifice stands Oridys’s Rise, a tower locked with Impish magic. Here’s how you can break the spell and claim to reward inside!

Just be sure you’ve experienced the best battles and learned the secrets that Limgrave has to offer first!

Update 9/10/2022
- Edited text and added supporting images for accuracy on Oridys's Rise location
Elden Ring Limgrave

Where to Find Oridys’s Rise

Oridys’s Rise is situated on the Eastern side of the Weeping Peninsula, and it is accessible from the Castle Morne Rampart Site of Grace by using the Spirit Spring close to this Site of Grace.

As soon as you are lifted by the Spirit Spring, you will see this Rise right in front.

Looking for a more challenging puzzle once you’re done here? Here’s how to complete the Albinauric Rise puzzle and claim one of the most powerful talismans in Elden Ring!

Oridys' Rise Elden Ring Location

Three Wise Beasts Locations

Approach the Imp statue at the base of the Rise stairs and interact with it to trigger the Wise Beast puzzle. This puzzle needs to be solved to break the seal and access Oridys’s Rise

The “beasts” in this instance, are merely spectral turtles. They’re well hidden, so here’s where you can find all three of them!

Once you’re done on this clifftop, check out some other scenic locations. Here’s how you can solve the Painting Puzzles left around the Lands Between!

elden ring horse

Wise Beast 1

  • If you’re still facing south after reading the Imp’s book, turn around and face north. Right ahead of you, on the path, is the first Wise Beast. Hit it and move on.
Odirys's Rise Wise Beast 1

Wise Beast 2

  • From the Imp statue, head around to the left of the stairs, east of the tower.
  • Look through the bushes, and you’ll spot the glowing shell of a Turtle in hiding. A quick slash will do the job.
Odirys's Rise Wise Beast 2

Wise Beast 3

  • Return to the Imp statue to orient yourself.
  • Now, head around the tower’s western side, to the right of the steps. Continue around the structure until you reach a pool of water.
  • This turtle is invisible, so you will have to wait a few seconds until the surface of the water ripples, revealing its location.
  • Once the water ripples, attack, and you should defeat the invisible wise beast.
Odirys's Rise Wise Beast 3

And here are all three Wise Beasts on a numbered map, for those who’d prefer a visual explanation.

Oridys's Rise Numbered Map

Oridys’s Rise Puzzle Reward

Oridys’s Rise reward is a Memory Stone, which allows you to equip one extra Sorcery or Incantation. A crucial piece of gear for anyone running a Magic build!

With the Wise Beasts destroyed, the magical seal will be broken, and you’ll be able to ascend the tower. A chest waits at the top, containing your prize.

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