The best way to get Operator Revenge Killsin MW2 is to load into games of Shipment or Hardpoint matches in Quickplay.

This is because with a smaller area or a heavily-contested objective to contain enemies, there’s a far higher chance that you’ll eliminate the one that killed you most recently.

When Shoot the Ship or Shipment 24/7 is present in MW2, this is a prime time to just hop in and naturally get Operator Revenge Kills. After all, Shipment offers high kill games, and chances are, many of your kills will be getting revenge on another player.

Although no pop-up appears on your screen when you get revenge, you’ll be able to track your Operator Revenge Kills through in-game challenges such as the Path of the Ronin event.

MW2 Season 2

But if Shipment isn’t available, Hardpoint mode is your best option. Filter for Hardpoint games in your Quick Play search and head to the objective for an easy way to rack up some Revenge.

Best Way to Get Operator Revenge Kills Fast – Tips & Tricks

The fastest way to get Operator Revenge Kills in MW2 is to let yourself be killed 3 times by different players at the start of each match.

Then, go hunting for those individuals, or just play as normal and you’re likely to take them out anyway.

After getting vengeance, you can even repeat the process again, ensuring that there are plenty of Revenge Kills to be had.

Remember: If you’re performing too well, enemies won’t be killing you and you won’t be able to claim Operator Revenge Kills.

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Shipment in MW2

You should also know that it is possible to back out of a game at any time and all your Operator Revenge Kills will be counted. You don’t need to worry about completing the match.

What Is an Operator Revenge Kill in MW2?

An Operator Revenge Kill in MW2 is when a player eliminates an enemy that killed them in their last encounter.

If a player is killed several times by different players, they have the potential to get multiple Operator Revenge Kills by eliminating each of those enemies.

With 50 Operator Revenge Kills under your belt, you’ll be one step closer to unlocking the Crossbow for free in MW2.

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