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WATCH: Heartwarming Videos of Gamers Opening a PS5 or Xbox Series X for Christmas

Gamers everywhere will understand the feeling of opening a present, only to find that it’s a new console. These lucky fans were greeted with a PS5 or Xbox Series X this Christmas, and their reactions are truly heartwarming.

Whether you were able to secure a next-gen console in time for Christmas or not, we all know the feeling of getting our hands on a new PlayStation or Xbox. There are certainly a few Christmases where we remember being so excited by our main gift.

For some gamers, that excitement is still around today, as they unboxed a new PS5 or Xbox Series X under the tree. With next-gen consoles being in such short supply, some recipients are shocked that the giftee was able to secure their new device.

PS5 Xbox Series X Christmas Reactions
(Source: Sony/Microsoft)

But that only leads to the best kind of reaction, as you’ll see below. Please enjoy the internet’s finest collection of heartwarming Christmas reactions:

Unboxing a PS5 or Xbox Series X for Christmas

Christmas – Not Just for the Kids

It’s not just kids getting a new console this Christmas. Sometimes you’ve got to treat your parents too.

After all, there are a lot of gamers that have grown up with gaming, and the spark never died out. This hardworking dad is just as excited to unbox his PS5 this Christmas as any child.

A PS5 and a Few Tears for Christmas

Opening that impossible gift on Christmas Day is a feeling like none other. And it’s easy to understand getting emotional after a difficult year.

This gamer has the best reaction to opening their Christmas gift, with just a few tears.

Going Viral for Your PS5 Reaction

Just when this kid thought he was done with the Christmas presents, out comes Dad with one last surprise. This kid’s heartwarming reaction to his new PS5 went viral this Christmas, with over 108,000 upvotes on Reddit.

Ever Open a PS5 Game When You Don’t Have a PlayStation?

Have you ever received a game for a console you didn’t own… yet? This kid certainly did, and you can see the realization dawn on his face.

Then watch him struggle endlessly to get his new console unwrapped in that feverish excitement that only a kid in a dog onesie can manage.

Getting Your First Launch Console on Christmas Day

Getting an Xbox in its launch period is a special sort of excitement, especially when you’ve never had one before. Personally, we aspire to be the kind of uncle who can give our nephew this sort of reaction.

Reddit user jksixfour said the family all shed a tear this Christmas period.

Hard to Mind Your Language When Opening an Xbox Series X for Christmas

There are few people lucky enough to get this excited over a game console as this man is with his Xbox Series X. It’s clear that this girlfriend just made his entire year.

Viewer be warned, this one contains more than a few excited expletives – but we’re not judging.

Running Away From Your New Xbox Series X

Ever been so overwhelmed upon opening a new console that your first instinct was to run away from it? We don’t think this reaction was caused by this kid being a PlayStation fan…

In fact, he’s so excited at their new Christmas gift that they don’t know whether to scream, cry, or… play dead?

Still need your next-gen console? We’ve got you covered.

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For the more desperate fans, relying on price-gouging scalpers is always an option. However, you’ll have second thoughts when you see how much scalpers have made over the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Hilariously, fans are now starting to troll their PS5 or Xbox Series X scalpers in amazing ways. For many, it’s time to get their revenge on those who take advantage of Christmas buyers.

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