Players have been encountering the “One or more Warzone DLC packs are out of date. Please download and install to update” error in Warzone, preventing them from playing the game entirely.

While Warzone 2 is no stranger to errors, players can generally expect to have an issue-free experience. So it’s understandable that anyone encountering this error would be annoyed.

Fortunately, it’s very easy to fix! With these fixes, you’ll resolve the issue and be back playing Warzone 2 before you know it.

What Is the One Or More Warzone DLC Packs Are Out of Date Error?

The “One or more Warzone DLC packs are out of date” error in Warzone occurs when the game’s content packs need updating. These include:

  • Modern Warfare II Multiplayer Pack
  • Warzone 2 Content Pack
  • Modern Warfare II Co-op Pack

While these content packs should normally update automatically alongside the base game, some players are finding that this isn’t always the case.

Fortunately, the fix for this error is incredibly simple, and we’ve explained how to do it on each platform in the section below.

One Or More Warzone DLC Packs Are Out of Date Fixes

The main way to fix the “One or more Warzone DLC packs are out of date” error in Warzone is to update the Modern Warfare II Multiplayer Pack, Warzone 2 Content Pack, and Modern Warfare II Co-op Pack.

Here’s how to do that per platform:

  • PlayStation:
    • On the home page, press the Options button on MW2
    • Choose Check for Update on the drop-down menu
    • You will either be given an update to install or be told you have the latest version
Checking for Updates on PS5 for MW2
  • Xbox:
    • Find MW2 either on your home screen or under My Games & Apps
    • Press the Menu button
    • On the drop-down menu, select Manage Game and Add-Ons
    • Go to Updates
    • If you can update MW2, an update will be available here
The Xbox Updates menu
    • Select MW2 in your library
    • Click on the cogwheel found next to the Play button
    • Select Check for Updates
    • Wait for that process to be completed
Checking for Updates on for MW2
  • Steam:
    • In your library, right-click on MW2
    • Select Properties
    • In Properties, go to Installed Files
    • Select Verify Integrity of Game Files
    • If you’re missing any files, they will be added
The Steam Updates settings menu

If this doesn’t work, then you will need to try and reinstall these Content Packs. In doing so, you will automatically download the latest versions.

Here’s how to do that per platform:

  • PlayStation:
    • Go to your Game Library (found at the end of your Home Screen)
    • Find MW2 and then press the Options button
    • Select Manage Game Content
    • Choose which Content Pack you want to uninstall
    • Press the bin icon to the right of it and then select OK.
    • Once it has been uninstalled, press the downwards arrow next to the Content Pack to reinstall it
The PS5 management screen for MW2
  • Xbox:
    • Head to My Games & Apps
    • Find MW2 under Games
    • Press the Menu button
    • Select Manage game and add-ons from the drop-down menu
    • Choose MW2, which will bring you to Internal Storage
    • Select the Content Pack you wish to reinstall or uninstall
      • If you are trying to reinstall a Content Pack and cannot see it for whatever reason, open the drop-down menu where it says All items and choose Ready to Install
    • Press Save Changes to complete the process
Checking for Updates on Xbox for MW2
    • Choose MW2 from your list of games
    • Click the blue cogwheel icon next to the Play button
    • Choose Modify Install from the drop-down list
    • Next, select Modify Install in the Game Content section
    • Select the Content Pack you wish to reinstall or uninstall 
    • Click Confirm
The Modify Install Setting
  • Steam
    • Right-click on MW2 in your library and select Properties
    • In the pop-up window, select DLC (found at the bottom of the list on the left)
    • Choose the Content Pack you want to reinstall or uninstall
    • Then back out of the menu, and the add-on will either be added to your downloads or uninstall automatically
The Steam DLC menu for MW2

Finally, if you’re still encountering the error after trying the above, we recommend reinstalling Warzone 2 completely.

However, this should absolutely be a last resort, as it will take quite some time, depending on your internet speed.

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