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Omen Secretly Nerfed In Valorant 2.0 Update

Without notifying players of the change, Riot Games secretly nerfed the fan-favorite Omen agent even more than intended.

Valorant recently received its fourth major update with Episode 2, Act 1, and with it came some major changes to Omen.

However, there is one significant change to the widely used controller agent that was not explicitly stated in the patch notes.

omen nerf
(Source: Riot Games)

Omen Abilities Nerfed

In the official patch notes, Omen's dark cover and paranoia received a significant nerf.

Dark cover, frequently referred to as Omen's smoke now casts at a much slower rate. His paranoia, or flash, now costs 400 credits instead of 200.

Not only do these nerfs reduce Omen's effectiveness, but it nearly makes him unplayable.

Players have even begun jumping ship to use Brimstone instead.

Brimstone received a major buff in the 2.0 update that now makes him a viable option for most situations.

  • Paranoia cost increased: $200 >>> $400
  • Dark cover projectile speed decreased: 4000 >>> 2800

However, the patch notes did not list any changes to Omen's shrouded step ability. This ability is Omen's teleport option.

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Omen Teleport Secretly Nerfed

Omen has two teleport abilities. One being his shrouded step that costs $100 and is available two times each round. The other is his ultimate that requires seven ultimate points to acquire.

Many professional and casual Valorant players who main Omen have concluded the shrouded step received a secret nerf.

Reddit user ItzAndy started a thread in r/Valorant discussing this hidden nerf and many users backed the claim.

The post claims that Omen's shrouded step no longer casts as far as it did before the 2.0 update. Also, it is now significantly harder to shroud step when in a tight corner.

For example, if an Omen player is on top of the box in long B of Icebox, he can longer teleport away. Before the patch, this was possible.

Unfortunately, it is not confirmed if this was an intended nerf or a bug to the beloved controller agent. Riot Games has not commented on the issue.

Yoru is already receiving a buff to his fakeout ability only two days after his release. Check out our breakdown of this potentially game-changing buff.

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