We’re only days out from the release date of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s first DLC ‘The Teal Mask’ and we just got a leak of all forms for Ogerpon.

For those unaware, Ogerpon appears to be the focus of the new Teal Mask DLC, which arrives on September 14, 2023. It is, after all, the Pokemon that actually wears the Teal Mask that the Gen 9 DLC is named after.

But it seems that Ogerpon’s heavily marketed Teal Mask form is only for story purposes. And in fact, the Pokemon will instead feature three unique masks that can be swapped out in-game.

The Teal Mask Ogerpon

All Ogerpon Mask Forms in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Ogerpon has three mask forms in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet which change the Pokemon’s appearance to reflect the following types:

  • Water
  • Rock
  • Fire

It appears by equipping a different mask, Ogerpon is able to either change its own typing, or display new abilities in-game.

Ogerpon Without Its Mask Revealed

A new leaked image revealed by CentroLeaks also shows Ogerpon completely without a mask, revealing its cute base form.

The Teal Mask that Ogerpon appears to be wearing in the new DLC’s marketing is also supposedly not an official form.

Instead, the mask appears to be just used for story purposes, where it possibly corrupts the peaceful-looking Pokemon into becoming a more malicious creature.

Dataminer ElChicoEevee was even able to reveal all of Ogerpon’s shiny forms, as well as all of the new Pokemon who are making their debut in The Teal Mask.


And yes, if you haven’t spotted it before now, that is a terrifying new Blood Moon form of Ursaluna you’re seeing there.

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