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Official PS5 Unboxing Video Released – Others Surface Online

We’re of the view that there are two types of gamers; those that get excited by unboxing videos and those who don’t understand the people who get excited by unboxing videos. The official PS5 unboxing has clarified what camp we’re in – we’re very excited.

Sony’s official PlayStation 5 YouTube channel has just released their unboxing video. It features a rather well-dressed gentleman slowly opening the PS5 box, admiring the console, then demonstrating how to set it up.

It’s pretty basic stuff, but wow, does it bring home the fact that the PS5 is coming in less than 24 hours. At least in some regions.

So far, there doesn’t appear to be an official unboxing video for American audiences. Sony USA currently doesn’t seem to be sharing this video. However, we expect one will be coming soon.

Only Sony Japan is sharing the official unboxing video, but it can still be viewed on YouTube by US audiences.

See the official PS5 unboxing video here:

More PS5 Unboxing Videos

Sony has held a PlayStation Access event where UK customers can view an unboxing and breakdown of the console video.

However, the UK will need to wait until the 19th of November before we can unbox a console ourselves.

See the official UK PS5 unboxing here:

Sony has sent plenty of PS5 units to a variety of western YouTubers in the United States.

Here’s the rather amiable TmarTn2 excitedly unboxing his own PS5.

He’s also very quick to thank Sony for sending him a console early:

There’s not long to wait now until gamers can perform their own PS5 unboxing. You may choose to record it, or you may choose to keep it a more private affair.

We know which one we’ll be doing.

Here’s everything you need to know about setting up your new PS5 when it arrives. Also, in anticipation of the PS5 launch, check out the light show at Sony Headquarters!


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