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Fortnite’s Predator Skin Trailer Is Finally Here

After weeks of leaks and rumors, we've finally got our first official look at Fortnite's Predator in a new trailer.

The Predator had a bit of a bumpy introduction to Fortnite. Most of what we've seen and heard of him so far has been attained through various leaks and data-mines.

His presence in the game has been teased by a series of in-game challenges in preparation for the new v15.21 update. The tasks included finding a crashed ship, which very much looked like that of The Predator himself.

Players anticipated his arrival for a while; the "hunters" theme of the season seemed to fit him pretty well. We're sure he'll fit in well with Star Wars' The Mandalorian and the game's gallery of hunters.

Fortnite's the mandalorian
Fortnite's The Mandalorian, and The Child

But, now we've finally got some official stuff to work with, and it's pretty exciting stuff too.

What We Know About Fortnite's Predator So Far

Plenty of Predator leaks have helped us get a better idea of everything the hunter will bring to Fortnite.

Their inclusion began with the opening Predator challenges, finding the Predator ship in-game, and the addition of some minor cosmetic items. From this point, it was clear that the creature would appear in the game, and the question became when.

After this, a whole slew of leaks arrived concerning the exciting new update, Fortnite v15.21.

In this collection of leaks, brought forward by popular dataminer HYPEX, we see the brand new Predator skin for the first time. The iconic character comes with two kinds of skin, one with the bio-helmet and one without.

This leak also shows off his wristband harvesting tool, the "hunter's trophy" back bling and an emote that allows players to switch between the two Predator skins in-game.

Other leaks by HYPEX have shown The Predator's cloak device, an item that allows players to become invisible.

To see the skin finally was certainly a treat, but now we've finally got our first official look at him in-game.

Fortnite's Predator Skin Trailer

In this new official Fortnite Predator trailer from Epic Games leaked by VastBlastt on Twitter, we finally get to see the creature in action.

We see the trailer open on a shot of two halves of a broken Predator ship. It looks to have crash-landed here, and one of the halves contains the hunter's trophy back bling.

As the camera pans upwards, we see that the ship has crashed somewhere in a jungle. This is fitting, as the 1988 film takes place in a jungle in Guatemala.

The Predator in Predator (1988)

The camera cuts to some jungle ruins, where we see Predator for the first time. They are stood tall, wearing their bio-helmet and being rather imposing.

The Predator removes its helmet and delivers a menacing roar, before the camera dissolves into its iconic night-vision, and fades to black. Blimey.

The action of the Predator removing its helmet is exactly like the "bio-helmet active" emote, which allows players to switch skins in-game. This is our first official look at this, and it's very exciting.

It's great timing for the Predator to be welcomed into Fortnite, too. Recent leaks have confirmed another action-adventure villain will be joining as a skin.

Plus, hackers have confirmed that weapon mods are coming to Fortnite soon, and some fan-favorite vehicles are returning.

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