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“Odd” Warzone Meta Goes Viral on TikTok

Are Decoy Grenades, RPGs, and the XM4, Warzone’s new meta? Content creator sallyisadog believes so after he ran into a “video game genius” with the oddest strategies.

Warzone metas come and go. Patches, and their weapon balance changes, can have drastic effects on what weapons are best to run.

And that is to say nothing of the various attachments and perks that can be utilized in different ways to gain the upper hand.

And now one popular Warzone content creator has discovered a brand new meta, the “oddest” ever seen and it’s changed how he looks at Warzone forever.

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Sallyisadog TikTok Goes Viral With “Odd” Warzone Meta

When you think of the meta in Warzone Pacific Season 1, your mind is likely to go to the MP40 SMG or Overkill Perk.

But one player, who goes by the name Kira, throw the meta book out the window and got creative. Subsequently putting on a master class for sallyisadog, a Warzone content creator with a huge following on TikTok.

After sallyisadog was killed by this meta maverick, he spectated him throughout the rest of the game. Sallyisadog soon learned that Kira had three killer twists that put him streets ahead of the lobby.

XM4 is Meta

At one time, the Black Ops Cold War-era XM4 assault rifle was one of the most popular in the game. But that has been a long time now, a fact acknowledged by sallyisadog.

odd warzone meta warzone season1 pacific sallyisadog tiktok

But Kira had no issues with it. In fact, he had it kitted out in such a way as to make it a verifiable laser beam. Sallyisadog even dusted off his own and gave it a run-out.

And, yes, as it turns out the XM4 is back on the menu. However, getting the best loadout for it is still key – so why not check out one specially designed for the Caldera map.

Launchers Are Meta

You may be asking yourself, “when is firing rockets at someone, not meta?”

But in the weird and wonderful world of Warzone, it usually makes much more sense to run with two primary weapons. Few can argue with having a Kar98k in hand and an MP40 on your back, especially when you have the best loadout available.

The MP40 and Kar98k are, after all, two of the best guns in the game.

But not Kira, armed with the Strela-P, we can see him blast trucks into small parts and even ‘snipe’ an opponent with surgical precision through an open window. It’s a tactic that quickly had our content creator “sipping the Kool-Aid”

Rocket Warzone Meta Pacific Season 1

Could Decoy Grenades Dominate Warzone Meta?

“You’ve got to be joking!?!” – I hear the cries. I know what is being suggested by our meta-bender had the entire lobby on strings with his use of Decoy Grenades.

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If you’ve forgotten how these, previously oft-forgotten, grenades work. Here is a quick recap.

The idea is simple, once thrown the grenades create the sound of fake gunfire with opponents also getting disorientating reads on their radar.

Decoy Grenade meta Warzone Pacific Season 1 tips and tricks

You can see Kira use it effectively to bamboozle his opponents and take the win.

And as the game ended, sallyisadog was able to ask him the burning question: “Are Decoys meta?”

The answer revealed the true trick to making Decoys work in Warzone.

“Decoys are meta bro! But they only work against good people…”

You can check out the Warzone meta TikTok below. But be warned, things might never be the same.

Of course, all this could change with the release of Warzone Season 2.

That update has been delayed as the game struggles with massive issues. There are cheaters flying around in cars and the hit registration has players tearing their hair out.

It is having an effect across the board, with Warzone Twitch viewership plummeting in recent months.


This is the smartest gamer I have ever met.

♬ original sound – Sally is a dog

It is not all doom and gloom though, and while cheaters are taking cars to the skies, there is still evidence that the RICHOCHET anti-cheat system is doing its job.

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