The October 2023 Pokemon GO Raid Hours have a great selection of featured Pokemon. Three Legendary Pokemon, an Ultra Beast, and a Mythical Pokemon will all be the stars of Raid Hours this month!

As usual, every Raid Hour in October 2023 will be taking place on a Wednesday from 6 PM to 7 PM local time. As there is one Raid Hour every week, that means that there will be four in October.

For the duration of each Raid Hour, the featured Raid boss will be available to battle much more frequently. This makes Raid Hours the perfect time to farm Raids and potentially even catch the shiny version of the boss!

Every Pokemon GO Raid Hour in October 2023

DateFeatured PokemonShinies Available?
October 4•Raikou
Pokemon GO Raikou

Suicune Pokemon GO
Shiny Raikou Pokemon GO
Shiny Entei Pokemon GO
Shiny Suicune Pokemon GO
October 11Guzzlord
Guzzlord Pokemon GO
Shiny Guzzlord Pokemon GO
October 18Guzzlord
Guzzlord Pokemon GO
Shiny Guzzlord Pokemon GO
October 25Darkrai
Darkrai Pokemon GO
Shiny Darkrai Pokemon GO]
Every Raid Hour starts at 6 PM and ends at 7 PM local time.

Fortunately, every featured Pokemon in the October 2023 Raid Hours has its shiny version available in Pokemon GO. This even includes the shiny version of Guzzlord, which is making its Pokemon GO debut this month!

The odds of Legendary Pokemon and Ultra Beasts being shiny are 5%, or 1 in 20. This means that, on average, you’ll need to encounter each of these Raid bosses 20 times before you have a chance of catching the shiny version.

Pokemon GO Raikou Entei Suicune

Don’t worry if you can’t catch the featured Pokemon during one of the October 2023 Raid Hours. Each of the featured Pokemon will be available to battle for at least a week around these events!

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