A new month in Pokemon GO means a new schedule of PokeStop Showcases – here are all of the dates and featured Showcase Pokemon in October 2023!

If you want to win PokeStop Showcases in Pokemon GO, you’ll want to be well prepared. Fortunately, details of this month’s Showcases, including the featured Pokemon have been revealed.

These are all of the featured Pokemon, dates, and times for PokeStop Showcases in October 2023:

Every Pokemon GO PokeStop Showcase in October 2023

Showcase PokemonDateTime
Growlithe and Hisuian Growlithe
Growlithe Pokemon GOHisuian Growlithe Pokemon GO
September 27 – 29
September 30 – October 2
10 AM – 8 PM
UnknownOctober 5 – October 9 10 AM – 8 PM
UnknownOctober 12 – October 1310 AM – 8 PM
Timburr and Conkeldurr
Pokemon GO TimburrPokemon GO Conkeldurr
October 152 PM – 5 PM
Pumpkaboo and Gourgeist
Medium SIzed Pumpkaboo Pokemon GOGourgeist (Super) Pokemon GO
October 16 – October 1710 AM – 8 PM
Shuppet and Banette
Shuppet Pokemon GOBanette Pokemon GO
October 20 – October 2210 AM – 8 PM
UnknownOcotber 23 – October 2510 AM – 8 PM
Phantump Pokemon GO
October 26 – October 2810 AM – 8 PM
Gastly and Gengar
Pokemon GO GastlyGengar Pokemon GO
October 29 – October 3110 AM – 8 PM

To ensure you have the best chance of winning the upcoming PokeStop Showcases in October 2023, we recommend you don’t transfer any of the featured Pokemon until the Showcases end.

That way, you’ll likely have a competitive Pokemon no matter what attribute the Showcases will be ranking.

We will update this schedule with the unknown Pokemon in PokeStop Showcases once Niantic announces what they are.

What’s more, if you don’t have a competitive Pokemon for each PokeStop Showcase, you’ll be able to get one easily. This is because all of the featured Pokemon will be readily available while the Showcases are taking place!

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