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How to Get a Nuke & Complete Champion’s Quest in Warzone 2

Here is how players can get a Nuke in Warzone 2 to automatically win the game in the most nuclear way possible.

The original Modern Warfare 2 featured a Nuke kill streak that would automatically end the game when a player reached 25 kills without dying.

Now, in Warzone 2, this killstreak is back. Although obtaining it may be one of the most difficult challenges players will ever face in Call of Duty.

How to Get Tactical Nuke in Warzone 2

To start the Nuke challenge in Warzone 2, you’ll need to complete the following steps:

  1. You must be on a 5 game winning streak and start your next game.
    • This triggers challenges in the game which gives you the opportunity to complete the Champion’s Quest.
    • If you are, at the start of a match, you’ll see that a “Champion’s Quest” has been initiated notice.
  1. Complete the Champion’s Quest
    • Make your way to one of the three crowns on your map.
    • You can do this easily by checking your map before you drop and drop into a location near one of these crowns.
    • Once you reach the Crown Location, you’ll see a Destroy the Warzone contract. Interact with it.
    • This will initiate the Champion’s Quest to arm a nuke and destroy the Warzone.
Champions Quest Warzone
  1. Locate the Elements in Champion’s Quest
    • Next, you’ll need to locate three nuclear elements.
      • Warning: Enemy players can steal the elements from you. So be ready for multiple firefights before you pick up the first element.
      • Although enemy players can take the elements from you, they can not activate the Nuke since they do not have the Champion’s Quest.
    • Bring up your map and use R1/RB/Scroll Wheel to zoom in and locate a search area marked by a yellow circle.
    • Make your way to the first yellow circle area and search until you find a red box containing a glowing yellow orb. This is Beryllium, the first element.
      • Once you reach the search area and are close enough to the element, it’ll show the exact location on the map.
      • A yellow orb will mark the element on your map.
Element Location Warzone 2
The yellow circle will show the location of the element. As you get closer to it, the circle will shrink to show you a more exact location of the element.
Element Box
You’ll find all three elements in a box like the one pictured above.
  • This will trigger a live ping of the player carrying the Beryllium that the entire lobby can see.
    • If you are killed while holding any element, you will drop it. Enemy players can pick it up as well.
    • To get it back, interact with the orb. It’ll always appear on your map as well.
  • Bring up your map and make your way to the next search area marked by a yellow circle.
  • Search until you find the second element, Plutonium.
    • It’ll be inside a glowing red box.
  • Once you have the Plutonium, the player carrying it will be exposed to a radiation leak and lose health every few seconds. Their screen will also be slightly distorted and grainy.
  • Finally, bring up your map and make your way to the final nuclear component, Tritium.
    • Tritium is inside a glowing green box.
  • Head to the location on the map and follow the same steps as the other two elements.
  • Once you’ve acquired Tritium, the player who holds it will have their mini-map scrambled.
  • After all three elements have been acquired, you’ll need to survive until the Bomb Site is revealed.
  • We recommend jumping into one of the heavily armored vehicles to complete this step!

After you locate all the elements, the next step will be to locate the bomb site and arm the nuke!

  1. Locate Bomb Site & Arm Nuke in Champion’s Quest
    • The Bomb Site will reveal itself once the 4th Safe Zone has been reached.
    • Instead of a specific location, you’ll see a plane fly over Al Mazrah.
    • Follow this plane and wait for it to drop a Nuclear Canister. This will be marked by a radioactive symbol on your map.
    • Head to the location of the Nuclear Canister.
    • Interact with it to place all three elements into the canister.
    • Once all three elements are in the canister, a laptop will appear.
    • Interact with the laptop to arm the nuke.
    • This will start a 2:00 Countdown where you’ll need to defend the nuke.
      • Players can defuse the nuke! Keep a close eye on it and ensure that no one gets near enough to defuse it.
      • It takes 30 seconds to defuse the bomb.
      • Survive the countdown.
    • Once the countdown is down, you’ll see “Nuclear Bomb Incoming.”
    • At this point, you’ve completed the contract and have activated the nuke in Warzone 2!
Bomb Site Revealed
Nuke Cannister

Once you’ve done this, your entire screen will turn white with the flare of the nuclear explosion, and you’ll see the words “Champion’s Domination” on your screen.

Although, players still aren’t sure how exactly to trigger the contract. Many players speculate that you must win a certain number of Warzone 2 matches in a row for it to appear.

To do that, you’ll need to be properly armed, so we recommend heading to a Stronghold to get some of the best gear in Warzone 2.

Call of Duty Content Creators OPMarked, Wagnifficent, and EthanStellar are the first team in Warzone 2 history to trigger a Nuke.

As soon as we learn more information about how to obtain the Champion's Contract, we will update that information in this article.

What Does a Nuke Do in Warzone 2?

When a team activates a Nuke in Warzone 2, they immediately end the game and obtain a “Champion’s Domination” win.

This is the only way to win in Warzone 2 without being the last team alive. It is one of the most difficult feats in Call of Duty and requires skilled players and some of the best Warzone 2 weapons.

Players in DMZ can also get radioactive to get the brand new M13B Blueprint and unlock the base version of this new weapon without having to level up the Battle Pass!

Although this area of radiation is much smaller than what you see in Warzone 2’s Champion Contract.

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