Warzone 2 has brought back the iconic Nuke from the Call of Duty series in a challenging new way that even experienced players will have trouble accomplishing.

The original Modern Warfare 2 featured a Nuke kill streak that would automatically end the game when a player reached 25 kills without dying. Warzone 2 retains the same idea but delivers it in a completely new way.

To obtain a nuke in Warzone 2, players need to:

  1. Win 5 Warzone 2 matches in a row.
  2. Begin the Champion’s Quest Contract once you enter the next game with a 5-win streak.
  3. Locate all 3 of the elements that create the Nuke.
  4. Wait for the Bomb Site to appear after the 4th Circle.
  5. Head to the bomb site and arm the nuke with the 3 elements.
  6. Survive for 2 minutes and stop players from defusing the bomb.

Once the countdown reaches zero, a nuke will drop on Al Mazrah, and players will be awarded the exclusive Apparition Operator Skin.

But completing these steps is no easy feat. Below we detail each step and the best tips to easily complete each one.

This will ensure players give themselves the best chance at obtaining a nuke and obtaining a Champion’s Domination victory.

How to Complete Champion’s Quest & Obtain Nuke

1. Unlock Champion’s Quest

You must win 5 Warzone 2 matches in a row to unlock the Champion’s Quest. The Champion’s Quest will automatically unlock when you begin your next match following the streak.

  • You will see three golden WZ logo icons when you begin your next game. These are all locations where you can initiate the Champion’s Quest.
  • If eliminated, you will lose access to the contract and need to start a new streak.
  • You can play with other players and still get credit for your streak.
  • If you play with someone on a streak, you can join them for the nuke contract.

2. Initiate Champion’s Quest Contract

After your fifth win, the next game you begin will start with a notice saying, “Champion’s Quest Available.”

This confirms that you are able to begin the Champion’s Quest Contract.

  • After you see the prompt, open your tac map and search for a golden crown icon.
    • There are a few scattered around the map. You only need to activate one to begin the nuke contract.
    • The locations of the contract are always random.
  • Get the contract as soon as possible to begin the quest. It is a challenging mission and requires a lot of time to complete each step.
Warzone 2 Nuke Contract

3. Find All Three Elements

When you begin the Champion’s Quest Contract, a yellow bar appears in your HUD with the words “Locate Elements.”

In this bar, you will see four circles. Each circle represents a different section of the contract. Three of the circles represent the different elements that you need to find.

Each element search will function the same:

  1. Open up your map and spot the yellow search area.
  2. Head to the yellow search area highlighted on your tac map.
Warzone 2 Nuke Contract Element
  1. Search the area until the yellow circle starts to get smaller.
  2. Eventually, the area will narrow down to a specific location.
  3. Head to this location to find the box holding the element.
    • Each element has a different effect that will increase the difficulty of the contract for the players involved with it.
      • Beryllium (Be⁴) – First Element: Activates a live ping of the player similar to Most Wanted Contract. All players in the lobby can see the location of the player holding the element at all times.
      • Plutonium (Pu⁹⁴) – Second Element: It emits radiation that damages the player holding it. Players near have their vision distorted as well. Additionally, it damages any vehicles you enter while holding it.
      • Tritium (T³ᴴ)- Third Element: Scrambles the radar of you and any players near you. This means you won’t have access to your tac map or mini-map.
Element Box
  1. Interact with the box and retrieve the element.
  2. This element will take up space in your backpack.

If you are downed while holding the element, enemy players can take it and hold it in their backpacks. Stolen elements have a red circle on them in your yellow bar in the HUD.

These players can not steal the Champion’s Contract. They can only hold the elements but can’t do anything with them.

When you collect all three elements, you’ll also trigger a Jail Break event. This will bring back all the players in the lobby to try and stop you from arming the nuke.

4. Locate the Bomb Site

Players will need to survive with all the elements until the Bomb Site reveals itself during your match. The Bomb Site will appear once the 4th circle closes.

  • The fourth circle closes at the same time as the Gulag. If you see the Gulag Closing, you’ll see the bomb site appear soon.
  • If you pick up the final element when the fourth circle has already closed, then the Bomb Site will appear instantly.
  • The Bomb Site will appear somewhere inside the fourth circle.

Eventually, a plane will fly over the map and drop down a Nuclear Canister. This is highlighted on your map by a radioactive symbol.

Nuke Canister Warzone 2

5. Arm the Nuke with 3 Elements

Make your way to the bomb site location and interact with the Nuclear Canister to build the bomb and arm the timer on the nuke.

  • Head to the location of the Nuclear Canister.
  • Interact with the canister and place all three elements into it.
Nuke Cannister
  • This will trigger a laptop to appear.
  • Interact with the laptop to arm the nuke.

6. Survive Countdown & Obtain Champion’s Domination

A 2-minute countdown will begin where you must defend the nuke from enemy players. During this countdown, players can defuse the bomb.

  • The 2-minute countdown will start, and you must defend the nuke during this time
    • Enemy players can defuse the nuke! Keep a close eye on it and ensure no one gets near enough to defuse it.
    • It takes 30 seconds to defuse the bomb.
  • Survive the countdown.
  • Once the countdown is down, you’ll see “Nuclear Bomb Incoming.”
Nuke Warzone 2

Once you’ve done this, your entire screen will turn white with the flare of the nuclear explosion, and you’ll see the words “Champion’s Domination” on your screen.

This is a difficult challenge, so it’s best to have top-tier meta weapons to help you take down enemies quickly.

You can see an entire breakdown of the nuke contract in Warzone 2 here:

All Warzone 2 Nuke Rewards

These are all the rewards automatically awarded to players who successfully complete a Warzone 2 Nuke:

What Does a Nuke Do in Warzone 2?

When a team activates a Nuke in Warzone 2, they immediately end the game and obtain a “Champion’s Domination” win.

It is similar to the nuke in the original Warzone 2, which ended the match when the player obtained 25 kills without dying.

Who Obtained The First Nuke in Warzone 2?

Call of Duty Content Creators OPMarked, Wagnifficent, and EthanStellar are the first team in Warzone 2 history to trigger a Nuke.